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Foundation Course for Education Students

In academies for school management and quality development, the scholarship holders gain insights into the many responsibilities that schools have...

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Forum Education and Digitalization

The forum is a platform connecting government, science, economics, and society to start an open discussion about the digitalization of education...

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The German School Award

The award was launched to honor educational achievements and help make them usable to improve the quality of schools all over Germany and in German international schools. The competition is based on six quality criteria:...

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School development / Development in pre-school and daycare

Early Childhood Education Development Forum

Daycare centers are the first educational institutions the youngest members of our society experience. The forum is dedicated to their...

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Quality in all-day schooling

What defines high-quality education in an all-day school system, and what conditions are required to implement such a system? To find answers to...

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The German School Academy

The initiative provides materials on good education and school practices and organises training courses and projects. 

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Talent im Land

Grants for gifted high school students from immigrant families in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

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Expert Barometer Early Childhood Education

An information and monitoring tool that provides and classifies current data on staff, the labor market, and professional training in early...

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grips gewinnt - Student Scholarship

The scholarship supports high-performing and dedicated students. In addition to providing financial aid, it also offers a wide variety of...

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School development / Development in pre-school and daycare, Learning

The German School Barometer

What challenges do schools face and how do they deal with them? We get to the bottom of these and other questions with representative...

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School Turnaround

The project provided highly targeted support for ten schools in Berlin for sustained school development in the future.

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