In Brief

About the project

With inequality reaching levels not seen for a century, action is urgently needed. Around the world, people are fighting inequality - from garment workers in Bangladesh factories fighting for a living wage; to youth activists in Zambia fighting for mining companies to pay their fair share of taxes that fund public schools and health clinics; to indigenous communities fighting to stop fossil fuel companies destroying their land. The Fight Inequality Alliance is growing to stand in solidarity with their struggles. It's building an alliance to bring struggles together and go further to challenge the excessive concentration of power and wealth in the hands of the very few and to achieve a just, equal and sustainable world for all. It does this by mobilising large-scale, people-led action, especially from people on the frontlines of inequality, to push their demands.



Why are we running the project?

From the growing wealth of the world's richest to the broken lives at the sharp end of the inequality crisis, societies and the planet are under unprecedented strain. The Fight Inequality Alliance was formed as a collective response to this growing imbalance of power and wealth - in response to the need for a bolder, broader effort to counter the power of the 1% and win a just, equal and sustainable world.

What are our goals? 

The Fight Inequality Alliance aims to break the cycle of extreme concentration of power and wealth. They tackle inequality by influencing policies, the narratives that drive them, and the balance of power and voice in each society. The organisation's approach is to build power from below and create a movement that promotes solidarity between people across borders. Over the next ten years, the Alliance aims to mobilise 50 million people from the grassroots to redefine what happens in the corridors of power around the world.

How does the project work? 

The Fight Inequality Alliance is challenging the norms and policies that lead to inequality. They are mobilising large-scale, people-led action, especially from people on the frontline of inequality. To do this, the organisation is building strong national movements in a wide range of countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean that are globally connected. These national movements include grassroots and community-based organisations, social movements, civil society organisations, trade unions, artists and individual activists. Together, they are joining forces and organising assemblies and tribunals as powerful platforms for citizens to articulate their concerns and advocate for transformative policies that directly affect their well-being. In Zambia alone, thousands of people have participated in these events, passionately discussing issues affecting them such as youth unemployment, access to subsidies for farmers, health challenges - as well as evaluating the policies of the Zambian government and the IMF. Similar events were held in Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, and many more countries. Around the world, the Fight Inequality Alliance unites all these diverse actors under a common vision and purpose: to tackle the structural causes of inequality together. By building on these connections, the Alliance provides a platform for mutual learning, inspiration and support.

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