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Traditionally, peacebuilding programs in Palestine and Israel focused on structural and political aspects to address the national aspirations of Palestinians and Israelis. There is a need to recalibrate these approaches and strategies to address trauma and pain as integral components of any peacebuilding programs, underscoring the profound impact of unresolved trauma within Palestinian and Israeli societies and recognizing the scars left by violence, displacement, and loss.
A primary barrier to the operations of civil society peacebuilding is that both staff and beneficiaries have been (re-)traumatized since the Hamas attack on October 7 and the subsequent Israel-Gaza War. To this effect, psychosocial support to cope with the trauma, and skills to help their beneficiaries, have become prerequisites for NGOs to resume their operations. Demand from NGOs was captured in a January 2024 ALLMEP member NGOs' survey that found such trauma services for their staff and beneficiaries to be the highest priority, yet they lack the means to provide it.
The project will train 50 staff of peacebuilding organizations within ALLMEP's network, providing both trauma support for them and lessons on how to integrate psychosocial support int their programs. Pilot trainings on ALLMEP staff will work to inform this main part of the project. Meanwhile, the project will foster collaboration and exchange between Palestinian and Israeli communities to promote psychosocial support and mental health resilience. Finally, ALLMEP will advocate to governments, donors and other stakeholders to emphasize the importance of integrating psychosocial support into conflict resolution efforts, with the intention of encouraging investment in traumatherapy and peacebuilding programs that incorporate this approach.

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