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An end to Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine is not in sight. While the army fights on the front line, many have left their homes and sought refuge abroad or in areas less directly affected by the war. In these challenging times, the Vidnova program supports Ukrainians who are committed to build a better future for Ukraine. Vidnova is Ukrainian and means recovery or reconstruction. 
Vidnova Fellowships allow participants to continue and develop their civic engagement even in times of war, whether in Ukraine or in another European country. The grants last from 3 to 12 months. 
In addition to the Fellowships, the Vidnova Labs have been developed to support pioneers in Ukrainian civil society. We support them to develop their ideas of the country's future after the war related to specific challenges. 15 Ukrainians receive scholarships for 6 months. An important part of the Vidnova Labs is to map relevant actors in Ukraine, to connect with each other and to advance their thematic fields. The participants join trainings and workshops to strengthen the role of Ukrainian civil society in the process of recovery and to develop a common voice. We also aim to strengthen sustainable cooperation between civil society organisations in Ukraine and other European countries. 
The program is designed and implemented by our long-standing partner Commit by MitOst. Other partners are Stiftung evz, Stiftung Mercator, Insha Osvita and Gerda Henkel Foundation. Since 2022, more than 60 fellows have received a scholarship and more than 30 projects have been implemented.

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Ukraine refugees - engaged in exile

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