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Perspektivy is a professional development program for young journalists and established media actors from Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia with workshops, fellowships and mentoring from journalists with extensive...

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Immigration Society

Rethinking Integration

We strengthen civil society and local actors in their commitment to and cooperation with refugees and recent immigrants to enable encounters at eye level and local participation.

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ChangemakerXchange stands for an exchange of ideas between young people who are working on innovative solutions to social, environmental, or societal problems in their immediate surroundings. At summits, they develop their...

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Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Democracy

The global research project analyzes possibilities and limits of political participation for...

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Youth - Coaches – STRENGTHS

Soccer can open the doors to helping young people understand democratic values better. Coaches...

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The worldlab project brings together young people in preparatory and regular classes of vocational and general education schools to discuss shared values.

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Participation – Muslim Women Get Involved

We support the involvement and participation of Muslim women in German society.

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The TINCON stands for "teenageinternetwork convention" and is a festival for digital youth culture. For three days young people participate in workshops, talks, and events about their (not only) digital present and future.

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Science Engagement and Networking

SILBERSALZ Science & Media Festival

We support the international science and media festival to boost scientific discourse and bring...

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