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Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Democracy

The global research project analyzes possibilities and limits of political participation for...

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School Bridge Europe

We expand students’ awareness of their national identity in the context of European unification and motivate them to show long-term commitment to the European concept.

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Child-Friendly Communities in Rural India

The fight against child labor and for children’s rights remains one of the biggest social...

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People in the Health Care System

Operation Team - Interprofessional Learning

With the program we support the development and implementation of interprofessional learning...

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Transformative Urban and Rural Spaces

Participatory design of people-centered cities

With this analysis we support the sustainable transformation of cities.

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A Health Care System for the Future

Restart: A Health Care Reform Workshop

Fresh impulses for a health care system that is devoted to the people, patient-focused,...

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Research for Sustainability

Our Common Future

We support projects, that give scientific answers to questions such as mobility, nourishment and environmental problems. The goal of Our Common Future is to give students and teachers the opportunity to discover the latest...

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EU-Russia Strategy Project

Russian and EU experts and decision-makers discuss both current developments and more fundamental...

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Foundation Course for Education Students

In academies for school management and quality development, the scholarship holders gain insights...

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Participation – Muslim Women Get Involved

We support the involvement and participation of Muslim women in German society.

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#Digital Agenda Civil Society

We support associations, foundations, and charitable companies that want to have a share in...

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People with Dementia in Hospitals

We support several model projects in order to improve the situation of and care provided to...

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Strengthening Civil Society in Southeast Asia

In Southeast Asia, we support people in making their voices heard and implementing their own...

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Forum Education and Digitalization

The forum is a platform connecting government, science, economics, and society to start an open...

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School Turnaround

The project provided highly targeted support for ten schools in Berlin for sustained school development in the future.

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Apply until 11.09.20

European Social Catalyst Fund

The fund will provide financial and capacity building support to develop plans to scale proven...

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Ukraine Calling

The training program educates decision-makers from society, education, culture, politics, media, administration and business about the Ukraine and gives them the opportunity to network with German and Ukrainian...

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