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UN75 - Shaping Our Future Together

In 2020, the United Nations (UN) is celebrating its 75th anniversary. To mark this occasion, the organization stimulates a global conversation on...

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School development / Development in pre-school and daycare, Learning

The German School Barometer

What challenges do schools face and how do they deal with them? We get to the bottom of these and other questions with representative...

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Making Voices Heard and Count

We support the “Leave No One Behind” partnership, founded in 2017, which has developed a data-based approach to reducing inequalities at the...

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School Turnaround

The project provided highly targeted support for ten schools in Berlin for sustained school development in the future.

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Talent im Land

Grants for gifted high school students from immigrant families in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

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Climate Change

Robert Bosch Junior Professorship

With the Robert Bosch Junior Professorship we seek to contribute to a better standing of the emerging field of sustainability science in Germany.

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Science in Society

Our Common Future

We support projects, that give scientific answers to questions such as mobility, nourishment and environmental problems. The goal of Our Common Future is to give students and teachers the opportunity to discover the latest...

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BB2040: Future Living in Berlin-Brandenburg

We support the exploration of infrastructures to make future living in Berlin-Brandenburg inclusive, equitable and ecologically sustainable.

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The German School Academy

The initiative provides materials on good education and school practices and organises training courses and projects. 

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Immigration Society, Migration

Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative

Community Sponsorship of refugees offers a key contribution and innovative solution to migration policy. The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative...

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The Shape of Us

This innovative hands-on project brings together virtual reality (VR) with political education and questions of climate change.

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