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YUMA - Young, Muslim, Active

With the YUMA project, we are giving young Muslims not only a voice but the opportunity to experience politics and other areas of society that they...

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Programs for Political Decision-Makers

The Foundation promotes cross-party and interdisciplinary exchange between political decision-makers and experts, thus strengthening the processes...

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Muslim Academies

We support platforms that address the diversity among Muslims in Germany and serve as an interface between Muslim communities and society. 

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Otto Mühlschlegel Prize

The prize commemorates the lifetime achievements of philanthropist Otto Mühlschlegel and is presented to individuals who have shown outstanding commitment to the cause of old age and aging.

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Monitor Teacher Training

Teacher training is regulated differently in each country and also varies from college to college. "Monitor Teacher Training" presents this diversity clearly and concisely for Germany, providing up-to-date information for...

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Migration Strategy Group (MSG)

The MSG brings together key policy-stakeholders and decision-makers from the public and private sector on future migration questions, currently...

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grips gewinnt - Student Scholarship

The scholarship supports high-performing and dedicated students. In addition to providing financial aid, it also offers a wide variety of...

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Wealth Inequality and Elites in the Global South

What characterizes wealth inequality in the Global South and what role do elites play in creating and maintaining it? This interdisciplinary...

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Climate Change

Land and Forest Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa

We support indigenous peoples and local communities in Sub-Saharan Africa in achieving formal legal recognition of their land and forest rights....

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