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Hate speech on the internet has regrettably become an increasingly pressing social issue. The NETTZ network aims to confront the current trend by supporting moral courage on digital media as well as cultivating a positive...

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The Foundation sends language teachers to France, where they visit schools to foster interest in Germany and the German language.

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Research for Sustainability

Robert Bosch Junior Professorship

Each year we invite applications for the Robert Bosch Junior Professorship "Research into the...

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DVA-Stiftung’s Academic Dialog

DVA-Stiftung promotes cooperation and exchange between German and French academia by means of...

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Tools for Citizens

We support young people’s social commitment in rural areas of Turkey with networking and qualification opportunities.

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Media Ambassadors India-Germany

The goal of the program is to help journalists from India and Germany to gain a better...

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EU-Russia Strategy Project

Russian and EU experts and decision-makers discuss both current developments and more fundamental...

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Youth - Coaches – STRENGTHS

Soccer can open the doors to helping young people understand democratic values better. Coaches...

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Change of Scene

We support international partnerships between a theater or an independent theater company in a German-speaking country and one foreign partner located either in an Eastern European or North African country.

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Citymakers China-Germany

An interdisciplinary network for livable cities, to strengthen the cross-sectoral exchange between German and Chinese citymakers, promote innovative ideas and projects, and increase their visibility.

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People in the Health Care System

Operation Team – Interprofessional Training

The program aims at improving the care for chronically ill and multimorbid patients through...

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Reporters in the Field

We promote high-quality cross-border collaboration by international teams of journalists. We support innovative stories from all over Europe through grants, method training as well as access to a European network of...

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