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Taking the Long View

Options for Inclusive Post-Pandemic Labor Markets This MPI Europe report explores how the COVID-19-pandemic has...

Integration Policy of Tomorrow

How can new immigrants be supported in settling in and communities in integrating them? A working group has developed hands-on approaches.

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Breaking New Ground: Ten Ideas to Revamp Integration Policy in Europe

European societies are facing an unprecedented set of challenges—from aging populations, rapidly changing labor...

Doing More With Less: A New Toolkit for Integration Policy

The arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants in Europe during 2015-2016 catapulted integration policymakers from...

In Search of Common Values amid Large-Scale Immigrant Integration Pressures

The rapid arrival of historic numbers of refugees and migrants in 2015–16 reignited discussions in Europe about the...

Jobs in 2028: How Will Changing Labour Markets Affect Immigrant Integration In Europe?

In 2028, European labor markets are likely to look quite different than they do today. Technological trends such as...

Applying Behavioral Insights To Support Immigrant Integration And Social Cohesion

The MPI Europe-BIT report investigates whether similar approaches could be used by integration policymakers....

Designing Civic Education For Diverse Societies: Models, Tradeoffs, And Outcomes,

Civic education in Europe is being asked to perform a patchwork of shifting, and occasionally competing, functions....

Tech Jobs For Refugees: Assessing The Potential of Coding Schools For Refugee Integration In Germany

Though the immediate pressures Germany faced during the 2015–16 European migration and refugee crisis have eased...

Mainstreaming 2.0 – How Europe’s Education System Can Boost Migrant Inclusion

Children who arrive in Europe as immigrants or who have immigrant parents face a variety of barriers to success in...

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About the project

The Integration Futures Working Group is working to develop a fresh agenda for integration policy in Europe by bringing together senior integration policymakers and experts, civil-society officials, and private-sector leaders to create a platform for long-term strategic and creative thinking.

Through quarterly meetings and a forward-thinking program of original research, the working group aims to forge new connections between classic integration issues (such as employment and integration), broader social issues (such as the rise of populism and the role of the media), and emerging fields (such as social innovation and behavioral insights).

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