The Support We Offer

In the following, you can find out more about opportunities and requirements for receiving support and funding from the Robert Bosch Stiftung. In addition, you get access to all currently open calls. You will also find information on a potential cooperation with us and access to required documents.

2 options to receive support

Option 1

Select from running projects

Find a project supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung that matches what you do.

Step by step toward a list of results

Please answer the following questions to find out if one of the Foundation’s projects matches what you do.

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Select your topics

The Robert Bosch Stiftung supports projects in five areas. Please select the area you are interested in and, if appropriate, specify it further.

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Select you specific target group

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Option 2

Present your idea to us:

Submit a funding request for your proposed project.  

Propose a project idea to us

As a foundation that provides funding and support, we are open to new project ideas, provided they are in line with our strategic and funding principles. You must be able to clearly state your project targets. Here you can find out how to submit a funding request for your project idea to us.

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Familiarise yourself with the application process

To allow us to process your submission quickly and efficiently, we have established a two-step procedure for applications.

First, submit an inquiry in writing, briefly describing your project idea and the required funding based on a set of questions. You will receive our feedback within about four weeks. If we are interested in pursuing the project further, we will ask you to submit a written funding request.

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Check whether your project idea is in line with our areas of support

Before submitting your project idea, we suggest you familiarise yourself with our areas of support.


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Take note of what we cannot support

We do not fund any of the following:

  • Building projects, investments, manufacturing facilities
  • Ongoing infrastructure costs
  • Projects that have been proposed in the past
  • Individual scholarships outside of our fellowship programs (no scholarships for vocational training, degree programs, internships, doctoral programs)
  • Casework (e.g. treatment costs, car costs)
  • Printing costs
  • Evaluation measures outside the scope of projects carried out or supported by the Foundation
  • Projects that are not transferable (individual case, no transfer possible), not sustainable (no follow-up opportunities), and/or not innovative

Furthermore, specific exclusion criteria apply for certain areas of support. These can be found on the page for the area of support concerned.

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Download the inititial inquiry and submit your project idea

Please use this document to submit an initial inquiry for your project idea to us. Answer all the questions and send your completed form to one of the email addresses listed in the document.


Project idea (DOCX)

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