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The coming years will be crucial in the fight against the climate crisis. If essential progress is to be achieved in mitigation and adaptation to climate change, strong leadership on key climate policy processes will be required; these include in particular the annual UN Climate Change Conferences, but also the G20 and G7 summits. In view of the drastic consequences that climate change will have for Africa, the continent will play a central role in climate policy debates in the future. Africa will be focusing especially on a transition to climate-resilient land use that will allow people to adapt to changing environmental conditions, secure the supply of food and contribute to protecting the climate. We support the Kenyan NGO Power Shift Africa and the German NGO Germanwatch in their efforts to strengthen the ability of civil society actors, local communities and African decision-makers to act and effectively participate in political processes aimed at climate-resilient land use. At the local level, rural communities in Tanzania and Kenya will be involved in particular. African stakeholders will be enabled to contribute their viewpoints and positions to political processes in order to drive forward the systemic transformation of land use on the continent.

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