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Never before have there been as many child daycare employees and young professionals in training as today. But what is the specific personnel situation in this expanding sector? Where is there further need for action for the future? The Fachkräftebarometer Frühe Bildung (Expert Barometer Early Childhood Education) applies empirical data to provide comprehensive information on staff, the labor market, employment situation, and professional training in early childhood education. It documents developments compared over time and across countries, highlights trends, and classifies them in the context of structural and political conditions. As a first comprehensive data collection and analysis for the sector, the report delivers well-founded information to decision-makers on the federal, state, and municipal levels as well as in research and educational institutions, allowing them to respond to policy challenges early on. It has been published regularly since 2014 and is available online and in print free of charge. The Expert Barometer is a project run by the WiFF - Advancing Further Education of Early Childhood Professionals.


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Carolin Genkinger
Senior Project Manager
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