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About the programm

Racism and its impact on life chances and representation are major challenges. At the same time, they are a reality for many so-called "racialized" people in Europe, be they refugees and new immigrants or people with migration background. To date, anti-racism work has often been carried out by established organizations and white people. As a result, the perspectives of experts with first-hand experience of racism and discrimination have been neglected. The Support for Racial Justice in Europe program therefore aims to address the shortcomings of EU anti-discrimination policy-making and action by making it more people-centred and effective.

Through collaboration between the Inequality and Immigration Society thematic teams, the program supports five organizations of experts with lived experience: #DiasporaVote!; Union of Justice; Equinox Initiative for Racial Justice; Roma Center e.V.; and the European Network Against Racism. These organizations will be strengthened through funding so that they have access to decision-making circles, networking opportunities, and amplification of their voice to carry out successful advocacy work at the European level from an intersectional perspective. The aim is to ensure that discrimination and inequality are recognized and addressed by EU organizations and governments in their full scope, including their links to other issues such as climate justice, law enforcement and education.


Why do we support these organizations?

The unequal treatment and discrimination of racialized people is recognizable in all areas of life throughout Europe. It affects both individual lifestyles and the performance of European societies. In order to ensure equal rights for all people, it is crucial to address grievances based on racism and unequal treatment at the European level, to develop counter-measures and to implement them. It is also important to work on the intersection of these issues with other socio-political issues. In addition to the lack of representation in the EU institutions, there is often a lack of resources and networks for organizations led by those affected. It is therefore necessary to provide the necessary support and opportunities to ensure the representation of the interests of racialized people in Europe. Only then can the full impact of these organizations be realized.


What is the goal? 

The programm aims to strengthen the organizations led by those affected and to ensure their access to decision-making bodies and the recognition of their expertise. Their networking should increase the effectiveness of their activities and enable them to carry out comprehensive advocacy work. The primary aim is to reduce existing deficits in decisions and measures through the participation of racialized groups. In this way, the EU's anti-discrimination policy should focus more on those affected and become more effective. 

How does the programm work? 

The programm supports the funded organizations in strengthening their advocacy work towards European institutions and European population/civil society. Each organization decides for itself in which area it wants to strengthen its work, e.g. as an advocacy group or through educational or campaigning work. 

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