In Brief

About the project

The FELD (Food, Environment, Land, and Development) Catalyst aims to empower community-led development of ambitious policies adapted to the local environment in order to transform food systems and land use in a climate-friendly way. The project is integrated in broader global initiatives by the Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU) to accelerate and scale up climate action and the transition towards more sustainable land use and food systems. As such, it aims to accelerate the identification and implementation of sustainable policies in selected countries in the Global South, catalyzing local action for more sustainable development. The two-year project will contribute to local solutions and cross-sectoral policy instruments based on local expertise, scientific evidence, and international experience by strengthening solution-oriented dialogue between policy actors and local practitioners. Here, the focus is on reciprocal policy learning while ensuring fair processes for participation and international knowledge transfer. 

Contact person

Ottilie Bälz
Senior Vice President
Phone+49 711 46084-520
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