Water shortage in Lebanon

Can a 1,500-year-old method secure peace in the age of climate change?

Diego Ibarro Sanchez

The Contribution of Philanthropy to Reducing Inequalities

Can philanthropy help reduce inequalities around the world? Three experts talk about their approaches towards a more equal world.
Help for Ukrainians

Giving children a time-out from the war

Interview with Benjamin Abtan, co-founder of the award-winning initiative "Europe Prykhystok", on how to actively support children suffering from the war in Ukraine. 
Peace initiative

Putting Principles into Practice: New Paths to Lasting Peace

In two years of work, the Principles for Peace initiative has laid a new foundation for lasting peace.
Civil society in Russia

“A democratic transformation in Russia is possible”

How does the Russian civil society carry on? Ekaterina Schulmann shares her hopes for a democratic transformation in Russia. 

The Foundation

The Robert Bosch Stiftung is one of the major foundations in Europe that is associated with a private company. Through our work, we have followed the legacy of Robert Bosch for almost 60 years, continuing his commitment to social and societal causes in a contemporary form.



2,2billion euros

for charitable work since 1964

149million euros

funding in 2022 (preliminary figure)

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Digital Reset

Redirecting Technologies for the Deep Sustainability Transformation
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Exploring the Potential for Data Stewardship in the Migration Space

Pathways for more responsible data collection and governance
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