Coping With the Past in Rwanda: The Road to Forgiveness

The village of Mbyo brings and perpetrators and victims of the Rwandan genocide together.

“We Represent People, Not Political Positions”

Indian journalist Chaitanya Marpakwar discusses issues such as how to take action against fake news.

The “Other White House” of the USA

The Thomas Mann House in Los Angeles is once again becoming a venue for encounters and dialog between the USA and Germany.

How to Make Species Protection in Africa Work

Environmental scientist Dr. Jacqueline Loos develops strategies to bridge the gap between environmental protection and the needs of the local population.


The Foundation of Our Society: German Constitution Celebrating 70th Anniversary

2019 will see the 70th anniversary of Germany’s post-war constitution. Federal Constitutional Court Justice Peter Müller comments on the past, present, and future of the Grundgesetz.

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How Authoritarian Regimes Create a Climate of Fear

Why are so many societies becoming susceptible to authoritarian thinking again? Herta Müller, Nobel laureate in literature, has given a lot of thought to this question.

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Europe's Foreign Policy Options in the Era of the Trump Administration

Bruce Jones, vice president and director of Brookings’ Foreign Policy program, about “American Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump: Rhetoric, Reversals, and Reality.”

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International Study: Refugees Seeking to Engage in Political Life

The study researches the political participation of refugees and its impacts on host and home countries.

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What Is on Young People’s Minds?

TINCON is a festival for digital youth culture. What interests young people and how do they get involved?

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For Greater Fairness in Migration Policy: The United Nation Compacts in the Gaze of Civil Society

The Foundation gave representatives of civil society an opportunity to enter into a dialog on UN's first drafts for global compacts on refugees and migration.

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Political Participation of Refugees: Bridging the Gaps

A report of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, supported by the Robert Bosch...

The Magazine "New"

One of the key missions of the Robert Bosch Stiftung is to create new frameworks and set in motion changes in...

Magazine "START Stories"

"START Create Cultural Change" is a program for cultural managers in Greece. In the magazine you find photos and...