The United Nations Turns 75

The World is More United than Divided

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Reviving the Transatlantic Relationship

Joe Biden won the U.S. presidential election. His victory will provide a major opportunity for the U.S. and its European allies to rethink the nature of their relationship. An essay by James Goldgeier and Agneska Bloch.

Science Without Barriers

Every year, the “Falling Walls Engage” forum honors projects that break new ground in science communications. We are presenting four of the winners.

The Power of Education

For Jeremias Thiel, education plays an important role in his life. He talks about why that is.

The Digital Election Campaign Industry

Influencing voters through social media is becoming increasingly important. The election campaign industry, especially in the USA, is convinced of that. A glimpse into that industry’s tool box – and at the consequences for democracy. 


Go Big or Go Home?

These days, one in three Germans lives in a mid-sized town, and this trend is on the up. For this year’s World Cities Day, we asked: What is it that makes towns with under 100,000 inhabitants so appealing?

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Think Tanks as Driving Force in German Foreign and Security Policy

In our interview the authors of a new study talk about the weaknesses of the German think tank landscape.

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Global Roadmap for Digital Cooperation

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has presented a roadmap detailing specific actions and proposals to reduce the digital divide.

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Malnutrition and Fast Food in Sub-Saharan Africa

What is the connection between different diets and climate change? Dr. Ina Danquah is planning to develop sustainable nutrition strategies.

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“We Need to Do Something to Fight the Online Strongholds of Radicalization!”

How can we effectively restrict right-wing extremist content on the internet? Julia Ebner on the findings of her new study.

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How Climate Change is Fueling Conflict

At this year’s Munich Security Conference, the Robert Bosch Stiftung hosted a panel discussion on the interlinkages of climate change and conflict.

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The Magazine "Digital" (01/2020)

Digitalization is increasingly setting the course of our lives, entailing both positive and negative ramifications....

The Online Ecosystem of the German Far-Right

This report presents the findings of a research project of ISD’s Digital Analysis Unit about the alternative...