The Afghan Tragedy – There Are Ways Out of Helplessness

Afghanistan should serve as a catalyst to remake migration policy. An essay by Sandra Breka, CEO of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

“A vision for the future of global cooperation – in reaction to a historic inflection point”

To tackle existential global challenges and to strengthen international cooperation, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres publishes new report.

How Can We Achieve Sustainable Peace?

We asked peacebuilders around the world. They share their thoughts in our videos.  

“Our Dominant Food System Needs to Be Dismantled and Rebuilt”

Ruth Richardson, Global Alliance for the Future of Food, explains why our food system has to change.


Subsidy of Food System Must Change

Without changes in our food systems, it'll be impossible to feed the world's population. Ertharin Cousin, Fellow of the Robert Bosch Academy, talks about solutions.

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How Does Justice Work?

This is the question raised by this year's SILBERSALZ Festival from September 15 to 19 in Halle, Germany. Celebrities from science, media and politics will be taking part.

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Narratives That Represent All

What are narratives and how are they impacting social justice? Read recent examples from Mexico, India, and the United Kingdom.

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"We need to create effective measures to include refugee voices"

Read our interview with Rez Gardi and Mustafa Alio from the initiative "R-SEAT".

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“Achieving a just transition is one of the hardest parts of climate policy”

The U.S. is back on the climate stage. Samantha Gross explains how cooperating with the EU supports a just transition.

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