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Global Refugee Forum

Refugee policy: international cooperation put to the test

The Geneva World Refugee Forum has so far paid too little attention to evident solutions for the protection of refugees. 
World Climate Conference in Dubai

The role of the Robert Bosch Stiftung at COP28

Find out which topics and goals we are focusing on at COP28.

Democracy is not a question of money

Trust in democracy in Germany is closely linked to personal income. A citizens' council for tax justice could be a remedy, says Ellen Ehmke.
Migration policy

6 Myths on Migration: We have checked them

Migration policy is again high on the political agenda and in public debate in Europe. We debunk some of the most popular myths about migration with the help of our...

The Foundation

The Robert Bosch Stiftung is one of the major foundations in Europe that is associated with a private company. Through our work, we have followed the legacy of Robert Bosch for almost 60 years, continuing his commitment to social and societal causes in a contemporary form.

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Dec. 7
06:00 pm (C.E.T.), Berlin

Academy Debate: War, Memory, and Emotions - Decoding Europe's Responses to the War in Ukraine

About The resurgence of war in Europe’s consciousness has profoundly shaken the collective consciousness of its inhabitants. As images and narratives from the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine flooded media outlets, Europeans were forced to confront not just the current crisis, but echoes of their continent's tumultuous past.
Dec. 13
06:00 pm (C.E.T.), Berlin

FROM HERE: film screening and conversation with Wings and Roots

About Filmed over ten years, FROM HERE is the hopeful story of Tania, Sonny, Miman and Akim – artists and activists coming of age in Berlin and New York who share the experience of being questioned about where they are “really from.


The failure to fund refugee-led organisations

Why the current system is not working, and the potential for change
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The Protection and Promotion of Civic Space

Strengthening Alignment with International Standards and Guidance
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Rising Temperatures, Falling Resources

Climate Change Impacts on Yemen's Agrarian and Coastal Communities
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