Robert Bosch Junior Professor 2021

Feeding the World Sustainably

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Inequality – Current Trends and Reasons for Hope

How can inequalities be addressed and reduced? Read what experts from around the world say.

Harnessing migration for climate action - an untapped opportunity?

Innovative approaches through migration, such as skills partnerships across Africa and Europe can help to foster a green, just transition.

United in diversity: How to turn the UN75 Declaration from words into action

The so-called UN75 Declaration was an inspiring statement. But will it lead to meaningful change? An essay on valuable European lessons.

Stronger Together: A New Agenda for Africa and Europe in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a severe blow to Africa and Europe. What opportunities for an equal partnership can grow out of this? 


“Achieving a just transition is one of the hardest parts of climate policy”

The U.S. is back on the climate stage. Samantha Gross explains how cooperating with the EU supports a just transition.

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“Local Peacebuilders are the Core of Building Sustainable Peace”

Read the interview with Mie Roesdahl from Conducive Space for Peace. 

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Film Prize for New German-Arab Productions

After a series of online trainings to develop their projects, the two winning teams laid the foundation to turn their ideas into action.

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Shaping Our Future Together

In a global dialogue, the United Nations (UN) asked people how they imagine the world of tomorrow.

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Think Tanks as Driving Force in German Foreign and Security Policy

In our interview the authors of a new study talk about the weaknesses of the German think tank landscape.

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The Path to Lasting Peace

Why have previous peace approaches generally met with such little success? And which paths can lead to lasting peace? A new initiative aims to find the answers.

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UN75: Shaping our future together

In January 2020, the UN launched a yearlong, global initiative to listen to people’s priorities and expectations of...

The Magazine "Digital" (01/2020)

Digitalization is increasingly setting the course of our lives, entailing both positive and negative ramifications....

The Online Ecosystem of the German Far-Right

This report presents the findings of a research project of ISD’s Digital Analysis Unit about the alternative...