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German School Barometer 2024

Every second teacher sees violence at their own school

What is the current situation in Germany's schools? What challenges are teachers facing and what needs do they see?

Climate justice: who is responsible for the climate crisis?

How can we reduce inequalities and properly address injustices?
International weeks against racism

Racism is All of Our Business!

Going up against racism also means reflecting on one’s own role in the social power structure. An article by staff of our Foundation.

"Building peace means self-empowerment"

Local peacebuilding aims to strengthen peace processes through local activism.

The Foundation

The Robert Bosch Stiftung is one of the major foundations in Europe that is associated with a private company. Through our work, we have followed the legacy of Robert Bosch for 60 years, continuing his commitment to social and societal causes in a contemporary form.

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Upcoming events

March 4
04:00 – 05:00 pm (C.E.T.), Online
Expert Briefing

Highlevel Roundtable in sight of European election 2024 – What Agrifood-Strategy does the EU need?

What agricultural and food policy does Europe need after the 2024 election? We want to have a debate about this with distinguished experts in Europe.
May 24
09:00 am (C.E.T.), Berlin

Rebuilding Healthcare: From fractured sickcare to sustainable healthcare

In cooperation between the Robert Bosch Academy and the Bosch Health Campus, we invite you to a one-day conference to examine the application of technology and knowledge to secondary prevention as a first step to building sustainable health.
May 27
06:00 pm (C.E.T.), Berlin

Academy Debate: Justice and Trust in Law Enforcement: Bridging the Gap

The event focuses on racial profiling, trust in the police and justice and discusses German and European perspectives from civil society, politicians, academia and the police.
May 31
09:00 am – 04:00 pm (C.E.T.), Berlin
Networking Event

Youth Negotiators Academy - Funders Convening

Trust-building, sustainability and collaboration – Convening the funders of the Youth Negotiators Academy
June 5
06:30 pm (C.E.T.), Berlin

Academy Debate: Nation of Strangers – Redefining Home in the 21st Century

We are witnessing the highest level of global displacement in recorded history, with no end in sight. Wars, inequalities, climate change, and the desire to be free or to be, drive thousands to begin their lives anew in a foreign country every day.


Expanding Protection Options?

Flexible Approaches to Status for Displaced Syrians, Venezuelans, and Ukrainians
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Confronting Compassion Fatigue

Understanding the arc of public support for displaced populations in Turkey, Colombia, and Europe
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The failure to fund refugee-led organisations

Why the current system is not working, and the potential for change
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