Finding Truth and Creating Justice with Digital Tools

Gaming and Online-Investigation as new methods for dealing with the past.

The New Bosch Health Campus: State-of-the-Art Patient Care

The Bosch Health Campus in Stuttgart will be a new center for state-of-the-art, patient-oriented medicine, emphasizing treatment, research, and training.

Coping With the Past in Rwanda: The Road to Forgiveness

The village of Mbyo brings and perpetrators and victims of the Rwandan genocide together.

The Dance Floor is Their Arena

A bleak future and the feeling of having been left behind: A Krump dance group run by the charity KielerKids shows how to find support in difficult situations.


China and North Korea: Obscure Alliance

The U.S. have made very clear demands of North Korea: Nuclear disarmament in exchange for an end to sanctions. But what exactly are China’s interests in relations with its neighbor – and vice versa?

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Malnutrition and Fast Food in Sub-Saharan Africa

What is the connection between different diets and climate change? Dr. Ina Danquah is planning to develop sustainable nutrition strategies.

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Shaping the Digital Future

A UN expert group explored how closer international cooperation in the digital age may help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Artificial Intelligence Needs Rules

Expert Olaf Groth advocates a global set of rules as well as limits for the ‘digital barons.’

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Integration Policy of Tomorrow

How can new immigrants be supported in settling in and communities in integrating them? A working group has developed hands-on approaches.

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"The Jungle Grows Back"

In Berlin, experts and diplomats discussed America, Europe, and the erosion of the liberal international order.

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The Magazine: "Dignity" (01/2019)

People have dignity. Always. Without precondition. For the last 70 years, Article 1 of the German constitution, the...

The Magazine "Learning" (03/2018)

When you learn, you expand the data pathways in your mind; they grow from little trails to paved roads or even...

Political Participation of Refugees: Bridging the Gaps

A report of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, supported by the Robert Bosch...