In Brief

About the Project

To make future living in Berlin-Brandenburg inclusive, equitable and ecologically sustainable will require a number of vital systemic changes and “infrastructural turns”. The project devises a framework for a creative process involving multiple participants aiming to build a bridge between the vast systemic knowledge about present day challenges and planetary risks, policy processes and global agendas such as SDGs that provide references of what needs to be changed in the future, and specific conditions, resources and actors within Berlin and Brandenburg that will need to be involved in transformative change. We will invite students, colleagues, collaborators and guests to contribute their knowledge, ideas and speculations on how infrastructures as the glue of urbanization will (need to) change and reconfigure in light of global and local challenges to provide for a livable future in 2040.

Contact person

David Bauer
Research Associate
Technische Universität Berlin
Phone+49 (0) 17624949199
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