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The challenges to democracy are solvable. Although it is facing increasingly complex problems around the world and is under increasing attack, many ideas for its future have been around for a long time. Too often, however, they are considered in isolation or in a limited way, while in some places there is a lack of impetus for entirely new approaches. 

To this end, the project fulfils three core functions: It strengthens interfaces, creates knowledge exchange and organises joint action. Factor D is active in Germany, Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland - and thus bundles forces for a democratic area with more than 100 million citizens.

Factor D develops different formats to realise its mission: In regular online events, democratic actors exchange knowledge and experience across sectors. The participatory festival in September 2024 is dedicated to collective strategies and creates a space for insights, ideas and inspirations to flow into strategies. In innovation processes lasting several months, Factor D brings together actors from all three countries to jointly find solutions to specific challenges, such as strengthening youth participation in the local area.


Max Bohm
Co-CEO Germany Faktor D
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Hannah Göppert
Co-CEO Germany Faktor D
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Contact at Robert Bosch Stiftung

Nina Lüders
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-124
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