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The Data Tank works with people all over the world to unlock data’s potential: gathering, accessing and reusing it in a responsible way, to tackle the pressing issues of our time. Data is an essential part of our everyday lives. If it is used in a responsible way, it will help us to make better informed decisions about our future.
As a community, we must take the lead in gathering, accessing and reusing data in a targeted, responsible and trustworthy way, to benefit society as a whole. This is what The Data Tank sets out to do. Concretely, we work to create a participatory framework to establish a Social License to reuse data in ways that can serve the common good. And we work to foster a new profession of trusted Data Stewards who will help to create that change, every day.


Contact person in our foundation

Jessica Bither
Senior Expert
Phone+49 30 220025-364
e-mail to Jessica Bither