In brief

About the project

Educational success in Germany still depends on a person’s social background. Compared with other industrial nations around the world, Germany ranks among the countries with the least equal opportunities in education. Schools that want to compensate for the effects of a student’s social background or origin must offer quality instruction for students with low academic achievement. In everyday school life, this means in particular various forms of individual support. Empirical data shows, however, that it is difficult to effectively implement this form of teaching in the classroom. It remains to be seen how technology can support these efforts. The integration of analog and digital media as well as group-based and individual learning phases into pedagogically reasonable and effective teaching concepts is a key challenge. We have therefore set up a funding competition, in which we select collaborative projects between researchers and teachers. The goal is to strengthen the development of both theories on technology-enhanced individualized support and exemplary teaching concepts. This way, the projects contribute to improving the educational success of low-achieving students.