In Brief

About the Project

It starts with the youngest: Positive educational relations are key in successful learning processes. And many educators provide just that. In one in four cases, however, the contact with educators is perceived as detrimental, with the children and adolescents in question primarily experiencing emotional distress. The Reckahner Reflections raise awareness of this and encourage educators to consider their behavior and pursue professional development. Specifically, the document provides ethical guidelines developed over the course of five years in an interdisciplinary exchange hosted by the educationalist Annedore Prengel in the village of Reckahn in Brandenburg, Germany, a community that has long provided impetus on non-violent work with children and adolescents. The Reckahner Reflections are available in brochure, flyer, and poster form to provide educators with a tool to apply in everyday life or pass on to others. In addition, training courses are available to encourage more in-depth work with the Reckahner Reflections, for instance for daycare staff or school faculty.