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About the project

The project "Daycare Center Development: Impulses for practice" is dedicated to the further development of day care centers. In particular, the importance of quality development and quality assurance in day care centers will be further established in practice. The activities of the project follow on from those of the Early Childhood Development Forum. The findings and results of this forum are now to be processed for application in practice. Against the background of complex challenges, day care centers are to be supported in a needs-oriented and low-threshold manner in order to continue to act as drivers of quality development and to be strengthened in this regard.
The project focuses on the development, testing, evaluation and provision of a series of impulses and support measures for the development of daycare centers for pedagogical specialists and managers. Together with their teams, they are to be supported in becoming aware of their role as active designers of the daycare center organization and in initiating development processes in their facilities through the transfer of process and methodological competencies. In particular, the Daycare Center Lab project aims to jointly develop an interactive tool for daycare center development.
"Daycare Development: Impulses for Practice" focuses on the potential of low-threshold services. It is designed to be scalable, i.e. to provide access to the topic for a large number of professionals, daycare center managers and daycare center teams, thus following the principle of "doing good for as many as possible".

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