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About the project

Today, Israel is contending with transformative events fundamental to its security and basic character, from which it will emerge a different nation. Indeed, the way in which Israel contends with the threats will shape its future as a safe and secure, liberal, democratic haven for Jews and all of its citizens. We aim to contribute to a reinvigorated liberal-democratic discourse that challenges misinformed or distorted narratives and promotes new visions on these fundamental issues. These happens primarily by:

  • Cultivating a global network of top academic talent committed to developing new knowledge and ideas addressing contemporary Israeli challenges and opportunities through a liberal democratic prism, and to impacting public discourse. We seek to empower and expand their work and build a network of activist public intellectuals.
  •  Employing innovative modes of engagement to translate original scholarship into concepts and language that influence discourse and agendas within liberal-democratic constituencies and among broader publics – including by briefing and advising civil society and activist leaders and journalists; educating and training young audiences; growing an ongoing media presence; producing online content, including a podcast; and initiating collaborations with like-minded organizations. We seek to contribute to a public discourse that is receptive to, and actively seeks, conversations crucial to sustaining Israel's liberal democracy.
  • Supporting a critical mass of civil society leaders and their capacity to drive conversations around Israel's liberal democratic future. We seek to educate such individuals on backgrounds and contexts of current challenges and inspire their outlook on achieving sustainable paths that ensure liberal democracy. Our success is predicated on their becoming prominent voices within their organizations and the larger public.

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Executive Director
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