In Brief

About the Project

The key goal of the Pathfinders Grand Challenge is to strengthen the global consensus on the need to address both economic and group-based inequalities. To achieve this, the initiative aims to widen the group of countries, civil society actors and multilateral organizations involved in calling for action on inequality and exclusion and demonstrating leadership by enacting policies to deliver equality and inclusion.

Furthermore, the Grand Challenge seeks to show change is possible through spotlighting policies that work, and detailing how they won political and public support, as well as how they were implemented. In addition, it pursues to provide practical tools and advice to countries and other policy influencers to support change on the ground.




Contact Persons

Dr. Ellen Ehmke
Senior Expert
Phone+49 30 220025-361
e-mail to Dr. Ellen Ehmke
Faiza Shaheen
Program Lead, Inequality
Center on International Cooperation New York University
e-mail to Faiza Shaheen