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Young Researchers Shaping the World of Tomorrow

Their activities include halting the decline of bees, extracting water from pharmaceutical waste materials, and campaigning for sustainable fashion. As part of the "Our Common Future" program, high school students are working on real-life research projects connected with sustainability. At the first-ever youth congress, they were given fresh motivation from the likes of former astronaut Thomas Reiter.

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The Magazine "Sustainability"

Many people want to lead a more sustainable way of life but what can a single person do to contribute? In our new magazine Sustainability, we introduce you to creative and committed people who make our world a more sustainable place - be it at a farm, in the lab, in the supermarket or at an old train station.

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In brief

About the Project

Our Common Future allows students to search for scientific answers to everyday questions. Together with teachers and scientists, they work on their own research projects. The Robert Bosch Stiftung provides up to three years of financial support for joint project ideas from teachers and scientists on the topic of sustainability. Ideally, the project will result in the establishment of a long-term partnership between the scientific institutions and schools.

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