Daniel Kerber: integration hub

Get to know Daniel Kerber, MORE THAN SHELTERS and the concept of “integration hub” in this short video.

In Brief

About the project

The Integration Hub concept aims to systemically facilitate faster and more holistic integration of refugees and migrants. Currently, many structural challenges hinder their integration, making it exceedingly difficult and longsome for refugees to obtain jobs, acquire sufficient communication skills, or to regain a social network that enables full participation in society.

The Hub facilitates the integration process by creating community-spaces in diverse neighborhoods that assist refugees, migrants, as well as locals, to support social, cultural, and economic togetherness and prosperity through incubation of local initiatives. These initiatives could be community events as well as cultural activities or even local business ideas.


Contact person

Daniel Kerber
Founder and CEO
Phone+49 30 95624929
e-mail to Daniel Kerber

Contact at Robert Bosch Foundation

Julia Teek
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-440
e-mail to Julia Teek