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Before the Yugoslav wars, Zagreb, and Banja Luka were the urban centres for the people of north-western Bosnia-Herzegovina and Central Croatia. Thirty years later, the national border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina also constitutes the border to the EU. Furthermore, invisible borders affect the identity of the people in this region, which are the result of alterations and a traumatic past. Dealing with the past and reconciliation are still taking place very hesitantly or not at all. In many places, the divides between people have deepened in recent years. Refugees heading for the EU move through the region. Young people from the border region leave in search of work and new prospects. The organisations supported by us are committed to transitional justice, building an inclusive culture of remembrance, human rights work, establishing community participation structures and dialogue across borders. Funding is provided for what is needed, be it organisational development, staff, or support in establishing cooperation and networks. In this way, we contribute to sustainable positive peace.


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