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Every day since February 24, 2022, the Ukrainian population has been exposed to the consequences of Russia's war against their country. In just a couple of weeks, Russian missiles have reduced entire settlements to rubble and punctured the urban fabric of countless cities. It may seem surreal to devise ambitious plans to rebuild these communities as bombs continue to fall. Nevertheless, ReStart considers these plans as a sign of hope - a glimpse of a peaceful future.

The question of how these territories will be rebuilt after the war is of enormous proportion. What needs to be preserved and what needs to be restored? What must be reinvented from scratch? Which requirements will Ukrainian communities have to meet in the future? In parallel to state-supported initiatives, ReStart creates an inclusive space in which all these questions are addressed by the local population. The organization connects citizens, researchers, and practitioners within a pilot project to develop and explore ways to rebuild the affected urban and rural areas. They bundle their ideas and approaches into a comprehensive framework that can serve as a compass for reconstruction in devastated communities.

This strategy does not focus solely on addressing past and current challenges. It also includes concepts to make communities climate-friendly, inclusive, and socially just. Funding from the Robert Bosch Stiftung enables ReStart to conduct detailed analyses and forecasts and to develop concrete tools and concepts for reconstruction.

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