In brief

About the Project

We support bi-annually international teams of journalists cooperating on a cross-border research project in Europe. Field reporting and foreign journalism have been hit by shrinking news budgets in many media companies. Especially freelancers find it increasingly difficult to raise the funds needed for in-depth research abroad. Whether print or Web 3.0, TV, audio or cross-media, whether classical formats or new styles:  What we want is first-class research, international collaboration and inspiring journalism from reporters passionate to look up close and tell stories that would otherwise remain untold. "Reporters in the Field" research grants foster learning and international dialog.

Our program promotes original cross-border journalism by supporting international collaboration between journalists and research projects that offer real insights as well as new perspectives and original approaches to reporting in the field.

Contact for applications

Lina Verschwele
Program office c/o n-ost Netzwerk für Osteuropa-Berichterstattung
Tel+49 30 2593283-22
e-mail to Lina Verschwele
Dóra Diseri
Program office c/o n-ost Netzwerk für Osteuropa-Berichterstattung
Tel+49 30 2593 283 22
e-mail to Dóra Diseri

Contact at Robert Bosch Foundation

Christiane Käsgen
Senior Project Manager
Tel+49 711 46084-684
e-mail to Christiane Käsgen
Florence Isabel Wild
Project Manager
Tel+49 711 46084-143
e-mail to Florence Isabel Wild