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Immigration Society

How can we ensure the positive coexistence of native and migrant residents in society and promote the inclusion of the latter?

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Immigration Society


We support innovative and viable approaches to the integration and participation of newcomers to rural regions.

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Immigration Society

Rethinking Integration

We strengthen civil society and local actors in their commitment to and cooperation with refugees and recent immigrants to enable encounters at eye level and local participation.

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Immigration Society

Culture Coaches

We promote the training of integration experts who are familiar with different cultures and can act as knowledgeable mediators between the host society and refugees. The Culture Coaches strive to create mutual understanding of...

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Immigration Society

Muslim Women for Greater Participation

We support Muslim women in overcoming barriers that impede their access to the labor market,...

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European Program for Integration and Migration

Together with nine other foundations, we support selected European and national NGOs that are...

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  • If your project relates primarily on international migration, please send your project idea to our Migration team in our support area for International Understanding and Cooperation.  
  • We can only support individuals within the context of project-specific calls for submissions. This also applies to individual PhD projects or other scholarships. Please check our current open calls to see whether there is anything suitable for you. 
  • Humanitarian aid is an important approach to relieving distress in acute emergency situations and requires special expertise. However, our strategic focus is on the overall configuration of the immigration society. Therefore, we ask you not to submit requests related to acute emergency aid.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to assume the costs for purchase of materials or infrastructure projects.

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