Promoting peace and stability to alleviate human suffering was a matter particularly important to Robert Bosch. He advocated for a democratic state, the rule of law, and a liberal society with responsible, free citizens.

As a foundation, it is our task to carry out his legacy in keeping with the times.
Today, peaceful coexistence depends on finding answers to current global questions. We can only master these challenges together and by incorporating different viewpoints. Solving these issues requires cross-sectoral collaboration and for all people to have an equal chance to participate in society.

With this in mind, the Foundation identifies and promotes effective solutions.

Funding Structure Global Issues

Funding structure

Our “Global Issues” support area focuses on the following topics: democracy, immigration society, peace, climate change, and migration. We also address inequality as part of a development mandate. We put special emphasis on the nexus between these topics.

What we focus on

Climate Change

We promote a regenerative world, in which life and livelihoods are sustained by a just transition of land use.


How can we strengthen democracy in Germany and Europe?

Immigration Society

How can we shape a stronger sense of community in an immigration society?


How can inequalities be addressed and reduced?


How can we shape migration policy, governance, and practice through international cooperation in order to make it humane, far-sighted, and sustainable?


What creates sustainable peace?