In our “Global Issues” support area, we are committed to achieving peaceful coexistence worldwide. To this end, we are addressing the core social challenges of our time.

We want to:

  • promote sustainable and inclusive peace by supporting locally-led peacebuilding
  • reduce systemic inequalities 
  •  tackle the climate crisis by promoting climate-resilient land use 
  •  shape a stronger sense of community in an immigration society
  •  strengthen democracy, and
  •   ensure dignity in migration. 

Working towards this goal, we focus on the interrelationships between these individual issues. We incorporate international perspectives and operate across sectors and regions.

We particularly strive to amplify the voices of those who have thus far been largely unheard in public and political spheres alike.

Funding Structure Global Issues

Funding structure

Our “Global Issues” support area focuses on the following topics: democracy, immigration society, peace, climate change, and migration. We also address inequality as part of a development mandate. We put special emphasis on the nexus between these topics.

What we focus on

Climate Change

How can a just transformation of land use contribute to sustaining life and livelihoods?


How can we strengthen democracy in Germany and Europe?

Immigration Society

How can we shape a stronger sense of community in an immigration society?


How can inequalities be addressed and reduced?


How can we shape migration policy, governance, and practice through international cooperation in order to make it humane, far-sighted, and sustainable?


What creates sustainable peace?