Here you will find the various departments of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Board of Management

Prof. Dr. Joachim Rogall
President and CEO

Prof. Dr. Joachim Rogall is President and CEO of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. He is responsible for the Foundation's areas of support health, science and education, as well as human resources and communications.

Prof. Dr. Joachim Rogall has been Executive Director of the Stuttgart-based Robert Bosch Stiftung since April 1, 2013, and the Foundation’s President and CEO since September 1, 2017. He studied Eastern European History, Slavic Philology, and German Language and Literature at the universities of Mainz/Germany, Posen/Poland, and Heidelberg/Germany. He graduated with a PhD from Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in 1988, and received his postdoctoral lecturing qualification in 2000. Between 1988 and 1996, he worked as a research and teaching fellow at the University of Mainz and the Johann Gottfried Herder Institute in Marburg/Lahn. He joined the Robert Bosch Stiftung on April 1, 1996.

Since 2003, he has been an Adjunct Professor for Eastern European History at the University of Heidelberg.

Annette Kolb
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-720
e-mail to Annette Kolb
Christina Lutz
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-230
e-mail to Christina Lutz
Sandra Wölfel
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-240
e-mail to Sandra Wölfel
Manuela Dahlmann
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-578
e-mail to Manuela Dahlmann
Stephanie Häfele
Senior Manager to the Board of Management
Phone+49 711 46084-630
e-mail to Stephanie Häfele
Roland Bender
Senior Vice President
Phone+49 711 46084-260
e-mail to Roland Bender
Dr. Ulrich Ladstätter
Senior Manager
Hospitals and Research Institutes
Phone+49 151 52815553
e-mail to Dr. Ulrich Ladstätter
Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol
Senior Vice President
Phone+49 711 46084-350
e-mail to Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol
Wolfgang Nitzsche
Chauffeur of the Board of Management
Phone+49 711 46084-595
e-mail to Wolfgang Nitzsche
Sandra Breka
Member of the Board of Management

Sandra Breka is Member of the Board of Management of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. Her portfolio includes the foundation’s work on Global Issues with a focus on Climate Change, Democracy, Immigration Society, Inequality, Migration and Peace as well as Strategic Partnerships and the Robert Bosch Academy.

Sandra Breka was appointed to the Board of Management of the Robert Bosch Stiftung in September 2017. Before joining the foundation in 2001, Sandra Breka served as Program Director at the Aspen Institute Berlin after an assignment with the American Council on Germany in New York. After studies in Germany, France and the United States, she obtained her M.A. at Columbia University in New York. She was a Yale World Fellow in 2008. 

Sandra Breka is a Member of the European Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the European Endowment for Democracy. She serves on the Munich Security Conference Board of Trustees, the Board of the Mercator Institute for China Studies and the Executive Committee of the Stiftung Neue Verantwortung and the European Foundation Center Governing Council.

Roswitha Meurers
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 30 220025-310
e-mail to Roswitha Meurers
Carolin Wattenberg
Senior Manager to the Board of Management
Phone+49 30 220025-331
e-mail to Carolin Wattenberg

Finance and Administration

Gabriele Jenke
Senior Vice President
Phone+49 711 46084-202
e-mail to Gabriele Jenke


Michael Redbrake
Phone+49 711 46084-573
e-mail to Michael Redbrake


Zeljko Benacic
Phone+49 711 46084-116
e-mail to Zeljko Benacic
Julian Kummler
Phone+49 711 46084-591
e-mail to Julian Kummler
Dorothee Künzel
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-976
e-mail to Dorothee Künzel
Martin Rist
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-640
e-mail to Martin Rist

Project Controlling, Process and Evaluation

Julia Dressnandt
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-273
e-mail to Julia Dressnandt
Joachim Geiger
Phone+49 711 46084-120
e-mail to Joachim Geiger
Bettina Killinger
Phone+49 711 46084-206
e-mail to Bettina Killinger
Rica Neumann
Phone+49 711 46084-275
e-mail to Rica Neumann
Maria Trini
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-117
e-mail to Maria Trini
Stefan Witthuhn
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-274
e-mail to Stefan Witthuhn
Monika Wolz
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-196
e-mail to Monika Wolz

Central Services, Finance, Accounting & Controlling

Markus Maisch
Phone 0711 46084-822
e-mail to Markus Maisch
Kathrin Bolzek
Phone+49 711 46084-757
e-mail to Kathrin Bolzek
Daniel Gödecker
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-270
e-mail to Daniel Gödecker
Jeanette Kress
Phone+49 711 46084-690
e-mail to Jeanette Kress
Petra Lenkeit
Team Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-269
e-mail to Petra Lenkeit
Reiner Merkle
Phone+49 711 46084-213
e-mail to Reiner Merkle
Anja Sommerauer
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-197
e-mail to Anja Sommerauer
Mirela Torbusch
Phone+49 711 46084-380
e-mail to Mirela Torbusch
Michael Weinmann
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-210
e-mail to Michael Weinmann


Kerstin Lohse-Friedrich
Senior Vice President
Phone+49 711 46084-778
e-mail to Kerstin Lohse-Friedrich
Tanja Müller
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-571
e-mail to Tanja Müller

Corporate Communications

Stephanie Ferdinand
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-756
e-mail to Stephanie Ferdinand
Tanja Frey
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-650
e-mail to Tanja Frey
Michael Herm
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-290
e-mail to Michael Herm
Sophie Körner
Phone+49 711 46084-898
e-mail to Sophie Körner
Julia Rommel
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-750
e-mail to Julia Rommel
Tatina Trakis
Phone+49 711 46084-923
e-mail to Tatina Trakis

Digital Communication and Storytelling

Franziska Hein
Phone+49 711 46084-666
e-mail to Franziska Hein
Magnus Petz
Phone+49 711 46084-776
e-mail to Magnus Petz
Cornelia Varwig
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-291
e-mail to Cornelia Varwig
Klaus Voßmeyer
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-686
e-mail to Klaus Voßmeyer

Human Resources

Dr. Nicole Karle-Komes
Senior Vice President
Phone+49 711 46084-261
Martina Baitinger
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-114
e-mail to Martina Baitinger
Josefina Franco-Pérez
Phone+49 711 46084-680
e-mail to Josefina Franco-Pérez
Nadja Baumann
Team Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-694
e-mail to Nadja Baumann
Ulrike Dolich
Phone+49 711 46084-688
e-mail to Ulrike Dolich
Jennifer Hartisch
Phone+49 711 46084-677
e-mail to Jennifer Hartisch
Kristina Wuckert
Phone+49 711 46084-681
e-mail to Kristina Wuckert

Events and Operations Berlin

Miriam Gundlach
Senior Vice President
Phone+49 30 220025-330
e-mail to Miriam Gundlach


Jessica von Wrede
Phone+49 30 220025-357
e-mail to Jessica von Wrede
Clemens Bloeck
Phone+49 30 220025-356
e-mail to Clemens Bloeck
Diana Fromm
Senior Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-329
e-mail to Diana Fromm
Sophie Kloppert
Phone+49 30 220025-365
e-mail to Sophie Kloppert
Anna-Lina Wildermuth
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-866
e-mail to Anna-Lina Wildermuth

Operations Berlin

Jana Böttner
Senior Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-350
e-mail to Jana Böttner
Andreas Härtel
Phone+49 30 220025-328
e-mail to Andreas Härtel
Winfried Honrath
Phone+49 30 220025-101
e-mail to Winfried Honrath
Daniel Körber
Phone+49 30 220025-102
e-mail to Daniel Körber

Future Issues and Foundation Development

Susann Pfeiffer
Senior Vice President
Phone+49 711 46084-211
e-mail to Susann Pfeiffer
Frieder Bürkle
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-271
e-mail to Frieder Bürkle
Karin Karlsson
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-540
e-mail to Karin Karlsson
Manuela Popp
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-272
e-mail to Manuela Popp


Dr. Bernadette Klapper
Senior Vice President
Phone+49 711 46084-880
e-mail to Dr. Bernadette Klapper
Bianca Zampino
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-589
e-mail to Bianca Zampino
Franz-Eugen Henning
Team Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-363
e-mail to Franz-Eugen Henning

A Health Care System for the Future

Kerstin Berr
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-384
e-mail to Kerstin Berr
Irina Cichon
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-139
e-mail to Irina Cichon
Jannis Feller
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-340
e-mail to Jannis Feller
Cordula Hoffmanns
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-855
e-mail to Cordula Hoffmanns
Amelie Montigel
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-370
e-mail to Amelie Montigel

People in the Health Care System

Louise Baker-Schuster
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-760
e-mail to Louise Baker-Schuster
Mona Garbas
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-311
e-mail to Mona Garbas
Carola Herter
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-362
e-mail to Carola Herter
Susanne Melin
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-661
e-mail to Susanne Melin
Kerstin Schmenger
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-927
e-mail to Kerstin Schmenger


Dr. Dagmar Wolf
Senior Vice President
Phone+49 711 46084-138
e-mail to Dr. Dagmar Wolf
Annette Bulka
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-580
e-mail to Annette Bulka
Christine Kirchner
Team Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-567
e-mail to Christine Kirchner


Carolin Genkinger
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-754
e-mail to Carolin Genkinger
Jana-Maria Keine
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-593
e-mail to Jana-Maria Keine
Lisa Zantke
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-156
e-mail to Lisa Zantke
Christiane Kreher
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-592
e-mail to Christiane Kreher

School Development / Development in Pre-school and Daycare

Andrea Preußker
Program Director
Phone+49 711 46084-758
e-mail to Andrea Preußker
Lars Bayer
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-852
e-mail to Lars Bayer
Kristina Bohrer
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-887
e-mail to Kristina Bohrer
Heike Kühlewein
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-687
e-mail to Heike Kühlewein
Anne Lill
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-134
e-mail to Anne Lill
Daniela Neumann
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-753
e-mail to Daniela Neumann
Annette Passon
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-581
e-mail to Annette Passon
Dr. Simone Toepfer
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-596
e-mail to Dr. Simone Toepfer
Cristina Winter
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-192
e-mail to Cristina Winter

Global Issues

Ottilie Bälz
Senior Vice President
Climate Change, Migration
Phone+49 711 46084-520
e-mail to Ottilie Bälz
Yvonne Mucha
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-410
e-mail to Yvonne Mucha
Atje Drexler
Senior Vice President
Inequality, Peace
Phone+49 711 46084-420
e-mail to Atje Drexler
Christina Hoheisel
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-140
e-mail to Christina Hoheisel
Markus Lux
Senior Vice President
Democracy, Immigration Society
Phone+49 711 46084-390
e-mail to Markus Lux
Claudia Lauer
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-550
e-mail to Claudia Lauer


Claudia Rolf
Program Director
Phone+49 30 220025-324
e-mail to Claudia Rolf
Niels Barth
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-300
e-mail to Niels Barth
Melanie Dense
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-821
e-mail to Melanie Dense
Sylvia Hirsch
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-823
e-mail to Sylvia Hirsch
Elena Jung
Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-343
e-mail to Elena Jung
Jacqueline Sachse
Team Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-490
e-mail to Jacqueline Sachse
Anja Wolff
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-159
e-mail to Anja Wolff

Immigration Society

Dr. Maja Sibylle Pflüger
Program Director
Phone+49 711 46084-970
e-mail to Dr. Maja Sibylle Pflüger
Kira Alber
Team Assistant
Phone+49711 46084-367
e-mail to Kira Alber
Dr. Ferdinand Mirbach
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-480
e-mail to Dr. Ferdinand Mirbach
Julia Teek
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-440
e-mail to Julia Teek
Lisa Veyhl
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-551
e-mail to Lisa Veyhl


Dr. Stella Voutta
Program Director
Phone+49 30 220025-339
e-mail to Dr. Stella Voutta
Frank Albers
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-344
e-mail to Frank Albers
Miriam Brandner
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-515
e-mail to Miriam Brandner
Caroline Dunning
Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-321
e-mail to Caroline Dunning
Julian Hermann
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-187
e-mail to Julian Hermann
Lilia Torno
Team Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-149
e-mail to Lilia Torno
Irene Weinz
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-160
e-mail to Irene Weinz

Climate Change

Dr. Gerrit Hansen
Program Director
Phone+49 30 220025-358
e-mail to Dr. Gerrit Hansen
Laura Bail
Team Assistant
Phone+49 30 220025-340
e-mail to Laura Bail
Ana Bojadjievska
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-333
e-mail to Ana Bojadjievska
Doreen Buchheiser
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 220025-317
e-mail to Doreen Buchheiser
Christiane Käsgen
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-334
e-mail to Christiane Käsgen
Oliver Radtke
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-154
e-mail to Oliver Radtke
Dr. Johannes Reidel
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-795
e-mail to Dr. Johannes Reidel
Julia Sonntag
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-161
e-mail to Julia Sonntag
Elisabeth van Gelder
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-146
e-mail to Elisabeth van Gelder


Raphaela Schweiger
Program Director
Phone+49 711 46084-678
e-mail to Raphaela Schweiger
Jessica Bither
Senior Expert
Phone+49 30 220025-364
e-mail to Jessica Bither
Hannes Einsporn
Senior Projektmanager
Phone+49 30 220025-362
e-mail to Hannes Einsporn
Fabia Göhring
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-262
e-mail to Fabia Göhring
Feven Kahsay-Tesfatsion
Team Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-978
e-mail to Feven Kahsay-Tesfatsion
Christian Strob
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-342
e-mail to Christian Strob
Florence Isabel Wild
Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-341
e-mail to Florence Isabel Wild


Maja Augustinović
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-460
e-mail to Maja Augustinović
Dr. Ellen Ehmke
Senior Expert
Phone+49 30 220025-361
e-mail to Dr. Ellen Ehmke
Anna-Dorothea Grass
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-974
e-mail to Anna-Dorothea Grass
Eve Nagel
Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-360
e-mail to Eve Nagel
Katharina Stein
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-393
e-mail to Katharina Stein
Dr. Bettina Berns
Senior Manager Concept Development International Education
Phone+49 711 46084-365
e-mail to Dr. Bettina Berns

Strategic Partnerships and Robert Bosch Academy

Henry Alt-Haaker
Senior Vice President
Phone+49 30 220025-322
e-mail to Henry Alt-Haaker
Mathias Kreßler
Personal Assistant
Phone+49 30 220025-336
e-mail to Mathias Kreßler

Robert Bosch Academy

Bünyamin Bilal Bağ
Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-347
e-mail to Bünyamin Bilal Bağ
Antonio Mori Monteiro
Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-327
e-mail to Antonio Mori Monteiro
Julia Propp
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-323
e-mail to Julia Propp
Jannik Rust
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-318
e-mail to Jannik Rust
Madeleine Schneider
Team Assistant
Phone+49 30 220025-319
e-mail to Madeleine Schneider

Strategic Partnerships

Verena Heinzel
Program Director
Phone+49 30 220025-326
e-mail to Verena Heinzel
Marcel Hadeed
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-359
e-mail to Marcel Hadeed
Yvonne Jung
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-141
e-mail to Yvonne Jung
Sarah Meschenmoser
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-348
e-mail to Sarah Meschenmoser
Antonia Röhm
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-338
e-mail to Antonia Röhm
Christina Söhner
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-366
e-mail to Christina Söhner
Laura Strömpel
Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-316
e-mail to Laura Strömpel
Dominique Wuensche
Team Assistant
Phone+49 30 220025-346
e-mail to Dominique Wuensche

Science in Society

Tina Stengele
Program Director
Phone+49 711 46084-925
e-mail to Tina Stengele
Cosima Faul
Team Assistant
Phone+49 711 46084-359
e-mail to Cosima Faul
Michaela Bogenrieder
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-195
e-mail to Michaela Bogenrieder
Andrea Bruhn
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-610
e-mail to Andrea Bruhn
Annett Giebelhausen
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-685
e-mail to Annett Giebelhausen
Isabella Kessel
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-751
e-mail to Isabella Kessel
Lidiya Maidanova
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-588
e-mail to Lidiya Maidanova
Kristina Maurer
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-770
e-mail to Kristina Maurer
Eva Roth
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-885
e-mail to Eva Roth