Julia von Dobeneck

Senior Project Manager
#peacemediation #womeninclusion #peacebuilding

Julia works for the Foundation on Peace in the Western Balkans. Here, Team Peace supports locally-led peace initiatives, currently on the Bosnian-Croatian border. Previously, Julia worked for the Center for Peace Mediation, where she provided methodological advice on peace processes for the German Foreign Office and conceptually advanced peace mediation in Germany. Together with Ukrainian partners, she conducted research on dialogue processes in Ukraine. As a freelancer, Julia worked for the OSCE in Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina. She is co-founder of the Women Mediators Network Germany (WPM) and the Initiative Mediation Support Germany (IMSD).

Phone +49 30 220025-241
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  • Kyselova/von Dobeneck (2017): Track III Dialogues in Ukraine: Major Patterns and Resulting Risks. Research-based Policy Paper.