What We Offer





First Steps

Onboarding – we’re there for you when you join. In order to ease your induction, we have developed an onboarding concept that, alongside documents such as our folder with “office basics,” also includes a personal mentor who will support you as you take your first steps at the Foundation.

Flexible Working

Our various part-time and flextime models give our staff greater flexibility for combining their working lives with their home lives. There are many tasks that don’t necessarily have to be completed at the office. Thanks to mobile working, many of these duties can be performed at home, thus making it possible to combine the commitments of private life with work responsibilities.


If you work for us, you will receive an appropriate level of pay, as well as bonuses and additional benefits that go beyond the statutory level, such as our company pension plan, the Bosch Vorsorge Plan.

More information on the Bosch Vorsorge Plan


Your Health in Focus

As a responsible employer, the Robert Bosch Stiftung offers numerous initiatives in the field of health care and occupational health and safety, not to mention various health promotion programs, such as business yoga. In our in-house restaurant, we ensure that the cuisine is balanced and varied and that a vegetarian option is offered every day.


With our VVS company ticket and convenient public transportation links, you will not only be able to get from A to B quickly and comfortably, but you’ll be playing a part in ensuring a greener region.

A Chance to Help Your Community

With our volunteering program, our employees have the option of doing between three and five days of voluntary work each year themselves. This means swapping their desk at the Foundation for practical work as part of a social project.