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How can we shape migration policy, governance, and practice through international cooperation in order to make it humane, far-sighted, and sustainable?

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Reporting on Migrants and Refugees

Handbook for Journalism Educators The handbook is intended for journalism educators and media practitioners...

"We need to create effective measures to include refugee voices"

Read our interview with Rez Gardi and Mustafa Alio from the initiative "R-SEAT".

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Global Report on Internal Displacement 2021

The Global Report on Internal Displacement is the official repository of data and analysis on internal...

Innovation in Africa-Europe relations beyond Covid-19

A New Role for Cities in Global and Regional Migration Governance?

More and more cities are taking the initiative to address migration issues constructively and inclusively at regional...

Migration in a Digital World

Jessica Bither explains in an interview what influence new technologies have on global migration policy.

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Mayors Migration Council

The Mayors Migration Council empowers and enables cities to engage in migration diplomacy and policymaking at the international, regional and national level. The aim is to ensure that global responses to migrant and refugee...

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Refugee Leadership and Participation

We support refugee-led organisations and initiatives that work towards more inclusive governance...

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Mixed Migration Review

The annual report highlights key topical issues of mixed migration movements. Based on a dataset of about 10,000 interviews a year, the report contributes to an evidence-based understanding and critical analysis of the topic.

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Migration Strategy Group (MSG)

The MSG brings together key policy-stakeholders and decision-makers from the public and private...

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European Programme for Integration and Migration

Together with 24 other private foundations, we support the European Programme for Integration and...

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Our Focus

Halfpoint -

Future of Protection

Legal and political framworks and political framworks fall short of responding to current and future challenges for the protection of refugees and migrants. Existing approaches do not respond sufficiently to increasing needs whilst considerung the participation and choice of refugees and migrants. We support projects and initiatives that address challenges within the current protection system and contribute to the development and implementation of alternative, long-term approaches and instruments for the protection of refugees and migrants.

Friends Stock -

Migration and Technological Change

New technologies will fundamentally change cross-border mobility and migration management. They are already being employed in different areas of migration management, for example via digital identity solutions or AI-powered automated decision making. We want to contribute to an employment of technologies in the area of migration that respect human dignity. To this end, we support the creation of new social and political spaces, processes, and ideas that can accompany and shape these developments.

Dmytro -

New Actors in Regional and Global Migration Governance

Civil society, academia, think tanks, the private sector, and cities increasingly contribute to regional and global migration governance. City leaders from around the world, in particular, together with other local actors, have championed inclusive urban policies that benefit all residents. However, their valuable local experiences are often not reflected in migration policy making processes. We aim to strengthen and diversify city diplomacy in the migration field, and support practice-oriented research, focusing on the role and needs of intermediary cities.

Abdifatah Muse / NRC

Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change

Climate change and environmental degradation are depriving many people of their livelihoods and increasingly influence international migration patterns. We seek to identify sustainable, human-centered solutions that enhance the resilience of vulnerable populations and societies affected by climate change. To this end, we support innovative approaches in particularly affected areas, advance the knowledge base on the topic and strengthen cross-sectoral exchange to contribute to international and national policymaking. Our focus lies on the African continent, which is highly affected by environmental changes due to climate change.

  • If your project relates primarily to the integration of migrants and refugees in Germany, please send your project idea to the Immigration Society team.
  • We can only support individuals within the context of project-specific calls for submissions. This also applies to individual PhD projects or other scholarships. Please check our current open calls to see whether there is anything suitable for you.
  • Humanitarian aid is an important approach to relieving distress in acute emergency situations and requires special expertise. As our strategic focus is on handling issues of the future, we would ask you not to request support for acute emergency relief projects. The same applies to requests for help with material acquisition or infrastructure projects. 
  • Projects that are outside of our focus regions must have global relevance.
  • We are unable to support the development, piloting or implementation of technologies and applications.  

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