International relations was one of Robert Bosch’s main concerns during his lifetime. This is why we have played an active role in supporting international relations since our founding. In this context, we aim to both strengthen long-existing partnerships and establish new relationships. In addition to multilateral projects, we are also active in the nations of the European Union, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Turkey, Russia, North Africa, the United States, China, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Conflict Prevention

We support and connect people who can contribute to de-escalation and preventing violence.


We want to increase the positive effect of mediation processes, strengthen mediators, and foster the exchange between practice and science.

Global Media

We support dedicated media professionals who are committed to high standards of journalism and pursue innovative approaches in dealing with the media change and social issues.

International Education

We want to make the experience of living and working abroad a natural part of the career development of all young people.

International Cultural Exchange

We support artistic works and projects that deal with important social issues and lead to improved understanding between cultures.

International Politics and Global Issues

We want to make correlations between local, regional, national, and global developments visible and a focus of international politics.

Building a Stronger Europe

We want to help strengthen the democratic structure in Europe.


We support members of the public, decision-makers, and opinion leaders who are engaged in driving the social change in their countries.

International Civil Society

One of our main concerns is the transnational networking and strengthening of civil society worldwide.

Truth, Justice, and Remembrance

We support projects focused on fact finding with regard to war crimes and human rights violations, making sure that the right to truth is established.