Future viability is the core demand society and its institutions must meet today. A modern education system must prepare young people to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Education-related projects facilitate and reinforce social orientation, participation, and cohesion through learning. They are seen as contributing toward the creation of equal opportunities across society and are also considered to be a tool for integration. All projects and initiatives are aimed at helping to promote the development, consolidation, and enhancement of the German education system. Against that backdrop, we are concentrating on the areas of preschool and school education.

Education in Early Childhood

We contribute to the professionalization of the skilled workforce and support institutions in their development.

Improving the Quality of Schools

We want to improve the quality of education at as many schools as possible in Germany.

Supporting Struggling Schools in High-Need Neighborhoods

We want to provide schools with tailored support at an early stage of their struggle in order to help schools in high-need neighborhoods.

Promoting Talent

We want to cater to students’ individual social backgrounds on their educational path and advocate for equal opportunities.

The German School Academy

The German School Academy is an independent institution for school development and teacher training active throughout Germany.