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What Is the Future of Democracy?

Looking back at the global “Summit for Democracy”, expert Annika Silva-Leander shares her view on challenges and potentials. 


“What Are We Optimizing For?”

Our Senior Migration Expert, Jessica Bither, describes risks and challenges of applying AI-based technologies in the field of migration.

“We Keep Underestimating the Power of Youth”

Pan-African activist Aya Chebbi shares her view on inequality and the special role of the youth in initiating change.

Guest contribution

Getting to the Table: Disability, Inequality and the Pandemic

To keep everyone safe in the post-COVID world, persons with disabilities must be at the table where important issues are discussed.


COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow: A Watershed Moment for the World?

We were on site to shine a spotlight at some key features.


Let’s Help Save the Global Climate by Restoring Local Land

Nature based solutions can slow climate change – but only if they work locally.


City Life and City Strife – Climate Change and Migration

The UN’s COP26 climate conference urgently has to address climate-induced migration, say Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr and Ottilie Bälz.


Bringing Science into Everyday Life

"Falling Walls Engage" awards projects breaking new grounds in science communication: We present three winner projects of 2021.


How Can We Achieve a More Just World?

How can we reduce inequality in the future? We asked some experts for their opinion at this year's Silbersalz Festival.  


UN Reform: Fix the Present – Not to Jeopardize the Future

“Our Common Agenda” offers the prospect for a revitalized multilateral system. An essay by María Fernanda Espinosa, Fellow of the Robert Bosch Academy.


More Impact for Our Funding

To continue the commitment of Robert Bosch to social causes in a contemporary form, we have realigned our work. Our movie shows what we are working on.  

“A vision for the future of global cooperation – in reaction to a historic inflection point”

To tackle existential global challenges and to strengthen international cooperation, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres publishes new report.

How Can We Achieve Sustainable Peace?

We asked peacebuilders around the world. They share their thoughts in our videos.  

Fighting Hate Speech Online: How Companies Like ALBA Take Up a Stance

The Business Council for Democracy (BC4D) aims to strengthen democracy in the digital age.

The Refugee Convention at 70: What Does the Future Hold in an Increasingly Bordered World?

Making humanitarian protection work in the 21st century requires walking the line between preserving traditions and finding new approaches.

“Our Dominant Food System Needs to Be Dismantled and Rebuilt”

Ruth Richardson, Global Alliance for the Future of Food, explains why our food system has to change.

Inequality – Current Trends and Reasons for Hope

How can inequalities be addressed and reduced? Read what experts from around the world say.

Harnessing migration for climate action - an untapped opportunity?

Innovative approaches through migration, such as skills partnerships across Africa and Europe can help to foster a green, just transition.

United in diversity: How to turn the UN75 Declaration from words into action

The so-called UN75 Declaration was an inspiring statement. But will it lead to meaningful change? An essay on valuable European lessons.

“We Need to Break the Silos”

The Women in Migration Network advocates for the rights and interests of women who have left their home countries to start new lives elsewhere.