How Digitalization Is Changing Our Lives

Artificial intelligence, big data, and algorithms are increasingly setting the course of our lives, entailing both positive and negative ramifications. Does the unlimited access to information make us more responsible citizens, or does the constant analysis of our data simply make us more vulnerable to manipulation? What does this mean for democracy? Can all children leverage their potential through digital education, or will some be left behind? It is up to us whether the opportunities or the risks win out. As a society, we must join hands to shape the rules of digitalization. Discover ideas from our work.  

Robert Bosch Stiftung | June 2020

Debate culture in digital democracy

The whole industry is trying to find the magic formula for changing a voter’s political preference.
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

The Digital Election Campaign Industry

Influencing voters through social media is becoming increasingly important. The election campaign industry, especially in the USA, is convinced of that. A glimpse into that industry’s tool box – and at the consequences for democracy. 

Julia Ebner investigates how far-right digital movements can be strategically directed.
Sophie Green

Undercover with Extremists

First virtually, then in real life: using a number of false identities, the extremism researcher Julia Ebner investigates far-right online communities. 

Theo Müller’s goal: to give users a tool they can use to distinguish between historical facts and baseless lies.
Anne-Sophie Stolz

Fighting Historical Fake News with Facts

Myths and falsehoods spread like wildfire on the Internet. The historian Theo Müller confronts those lies head on – and, with the project, goes into battle against the Internet users who spread historical fake news.  

Equal opportunities in the digital world

Digitale Ungleichheit Teaser

Tackling Digital Inequality Together

The courage to think in new directions – something IT researcher Catherine Mulligan says is vital if we are to overcome inequality in the digital sphere. 

Porträt Nanjira Sambuli

“It Is Our Task to Ensure That Human Rights and Values Drive Digital Technologies”

Interview with UN expert Nanjira Sambuli.

UN-Bericht Launch Roadmap Teaser
Unsplash/Charlotte Butcher

Global Roadmap for Digital Cooperation

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has presented a roadmap detailing specific actions and proposals to reduce the digital divide.

Digital learning at school

Digitalisierung Schulen
Anne-Sophie Stolz

Digital Learning: Schools in the Age of Corona

From one day to the next: switching to digital learning at home. A herculean task. Schools that had already embraced digitalization before the coronavirus pandemic had a significant advantage.  

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Digitalization is increasingly setting the course of our lives, entailing both positive and negative ramifications....