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Focus topic: UN Climate Change Conference COP27
Climate change in Africa

My Personal Climate Goal

Laura Breiling
Writing about climate change

Climate change in our minds

The African continent is more impacted by climate change than the rest of the world. That’s why African media coverage on risks and adapation is so important. An analysis.
October 24, 2022
UN Climate Change Conference COP27

“Africa is a unified force to tackle climate change”

Elizabeth Sackey, mayor of the Ghanaian capital Accra, talks about how the city creates better living conditions for migrants. 
October 21, 2022
News from the Foundation's work
Environmental migration

Built on hope

How the Ghanaian metropolis of Accra is tackling the double effect of climate change and the increasing numbers of newcomers seeking to make a living in the city.
May 12, 2022
Refugee-led organizations

Because they know what they’re doing

They never intended to work in refugee aid. Today, Firas Alghadban and Yasmin Kayali try to give refugees what they most urgently need.
June 20, 2022
Digital services for immigrants

New Links into Society

Digital Active Women project: Women who have recently come to Germany are helping municipalities and counseling centers to better meet immigrants’ needs.
June 13, 2022
Bristol as part of a network of cities

A Truly Global City

People from 185 nations live in the British city of Bristol. As a member of the Leadership Board of the Mayors Migration Council, Mayor Marvin Rees is working to find global solutions for the city of the future.
May 13, 2022

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Global Issues
UN Climate Change Conference COP27

How leaders from the African continent fight the climate crisis

The Robert Bosch Stiftung brought young climate activists to the climate negotiations in Egypt.
Decolonizing Peacebuilding

Why Race and Power also Matter in the Peacebuilding Sector

The report “Race, Power and Peacebuilding” looks at the peacebuilding sector using a “decolonizing” lens through consultations of...
Climate Mobility up to 2050

“We need to harness the mobility on the African continent!”

Hundreds of millions of people will have to leave their home due to climate change. Where will they go? The groundbreaking report by the...
Our dossiers
UN Climate Change Conference COP27

How people across African countries are fighting climate crisis

We must ensure greater climate justice by giving a voice to underrepresented groups in Africa.
October 24, 2022
The Future of Education

New Paths to New Knowledge

The world is changing at breakneck speed. How can schools meet the needs and fulfil the potential of all their students under these conditions?
September 14, 2022
Bridges instead of bubbles

Immigration and Digitalization

Immigrants are using digital media, services and tools to network and overcome social barriers. The projects we support show how digitalization can improve cohesion.
June 13, 2022
Global Compact for Migration

On the way to more human dignity

Around the world, more and more people are migrating to other regions or states – for example, in search of better living conditions, work, and increasingly also because...
May 13, 2022
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