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Human Dignity in Times of Change

How can we protect and strengthen human qualities in a time of massive change? Interview with Dr. Christof Bosch, grandson of Robert Bosch.

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Shaping Our Future Together

In a global dialogue, the United Nations (UN) asked people how they imagine the world of tomorrow.

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The Path to Lasting Peace

Why have previous peace approaches generally met with such little success? And which paths can lead to lasting peace? A new initiative aims to find the answers.

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Think Tanks as Driving Force in German Foreign and Security Policy

In our interview the authors of a new study talk about the weaknesses of the German think tank landscape.

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How the Corona Pandemic Affects Our Work

With its contingency measures, the Foundation wants to help protect the health of the greater community and flatten the COVID-19 curve.

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Migration in a Digital World

Jessica Bither explains in an interview what influence new technologies have on global migration policy.

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