Climate protection in the philanthropic sector

Strong Movement for a More Sustainable Future

The Robert Bosch Stiftung commits itself to the fight against the climate crisis.

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Sound facts on the immigration society

“The Migration media service is as important today as it was in the year it was founded”

The Migration Media Service was founded ten years ago. How has the social debate changed over this period? And what challenges remain? A discussion.

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Inclusive School

Diversity welcome

At the inclusive Ketteler Primary School, it is easy to see how schools can cope with the growing heterogeneity of pupils.

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Promoting more good schools

How best practices in schools are spread through the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

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Look into the Future

A Day At School in 2035

What will teaching look like in the future? Here’s some food for thought.

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Opinion Piece

“Schools must prepare children and young people for constant change…“

Karin Prien outlines how the German education system has to change in the future – and what role is played by initiatives such as the German School Award.

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Technology and Inequality

“Society as a whole will benefit from feminist digital politics”

Senior Expert Dr. Ellen Ehmke explains why a feminist perspective is important for the new 2022 digital strategy. 

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Civil society in Russia

“A democratic transformation in Russia is possible”

How does the Russian civil society carry on? Ekaterina Schulmann shares her hopes for a democratic transformation in Russia. 

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Anniversary of the Taliban takeover

Escaping Taliban Afghanistan with the Kabul Airlift

Mohammad G. came to Germany with the help of the civil society initiative “Kabul Luftbrücke”. Read his story. 

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Network for inclusive societies

Improving the impact of projects on inclusion

The “Shaping Inclusive Societies” program connects leaders on inclusion from Morocco, Canada and Germany. How international cooperation fosters their work. 

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The Chain of Influence Framework for Systems Change

Shifting Power to Local Peace Actors

How can a better environment for locally-led peacebuilding be created? The Chain of Influence Framework offers an approach.

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Education in the global south

A Second Chance for Out-of-School Children

High-quality education for all children in Africa and the Middle East is feasible, say education experts Caitlin Baron and Erin Ganju.  

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Robert Bosch Center for Innovative Health

“We are exploring new Approaches to Healthcare”

An interview with Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol, director of the Robert Bosch Center for Innovative Health, about the center's areas of work.

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Experiencing science

The Future Needs Interconnectivity

How can we master the crises of our time? The media and science festival SILBERSALZ is looking for answers.   

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Common Ground – Shaping Regions Across Borders

“It’s up to us to give people a voice”

Our program "Common Ground - Shaping Regions Across Borders" supports cross-border participation projects in eight regions.

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Refugee-led organizations

Because they know what they’re doing

They never intended to work in refugee aid. Today, Firas Alghadban and Yasmin Kayali try to give refugees what they most urgently need.

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Fellowship for African journalists

Storytelling against desertification

On the occasion of the UN conference UNCCD COP 15 in Abidjan, African journalists report on the fight against land degradation – supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

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Social media communities and integration

The invisible support network

Social media communities can play an important role in the integration of newcomers. We logged onto the Facebook group "Russian-speaking Moms in Germany".

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Digital services for immigrants

New Links into Society

Digital Active Women project: Women who have recently come to Germany are helping municipalities and counseling centers to better meet immigrants’ needs.

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Anti-discrimination tool

The bot at your side

Every year, thousands of people experience discrimination in Germany. Said Haider and his team are working on an intelligent chatbot that supports the victims of discrimination.

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