Climate change in African cities

More protection and perspectives for migrants

A fund supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung is helping cities in sub-Sahara Africa to protect their inhabitants from the consequences of climate change.

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Only Sustainable Solutions to Environmental Crises Can Take Away Their Power to Drive Conflict

International donors must be more attuned to how the effects of climate change undermine social justice and increase the probability of conflicts.

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Agriculture and climate change

“It’s high time that we acted”

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Migration in numbers

Heading in the right direction

These infographics show some positive developments in the migration field – and where the international community has scope for creative action.

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Global Migration Pact: Where Do We Stand?

The Foundation’s migration expert Raphaela Schweiger analyzes what progress has actually been made since the adoption of the Global Compact for Migration.

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Bristol as part of a network of cities

A Truly Global City

People from 185 nations live in the British city of Bristol. As a member of the Leadership Board of the Mayors Migration Council, Mayor Marvin Rees is working to find global solutions for the city of the future.

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The world needs to prepare for climate migrants

How climate change affects migration has not been meaningfully addressed as a challenge by the international community until now. An opinion piece.

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Environmental migration

Built on hope

How the Ghanaian metropolis of Accra is tackling the double effect of climate change and the increasing numbers of newcomers seeking to make a living in the city.

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What international migration policy must address

Three experts explain what needs to be on the agenda of the United Nations International Migration Review Forum.

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German School Barometer Special

Every Second Teacher has Refugee Children from Ukraine in School

A survey of teaching staff at German schools sheds light on the arrival of Ukrainian pupils.

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Forging New Paths for Peace and Hope

How can we create sustainable peace and give people in crisis areas new hope? The Principles for Peace initiative is developing new, contemporary answers to this question.

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Making teaching better

20 Schools running for German School Award 2022

The countdown is on: as of today, 20 schools can hope to win the prestigious prize.

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Africa-wide engagement

For a greener future

The Global Landscapes Forum builds local initiatives that restore degraded landscapes. African activists tell us what drives them.

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International climate politics

“Our Earth has high fever”

How can civil society and international climate diplomacy work together? A conversation with María Espinosa, the former President of the UN General Assembly.

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Desertification in Niger

With their own hands

Every year, Niger loses 100,000 hectares of fertile soil. The Robert Bosch Stiftung supports NGOs in the region that empower farmers to restore the land.

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Together against land degradation

Gaining ground

Land degradation continues to advance. These charts show what international initiatives and African countries want to do about it.

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Translational Research Video

”Moving data into clinical practice as quickly as possible”

From the operating room to the lab: In the video feature, we show how doctors and scientists work together at the Bosch Health Campus.

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Robert Bosch Academy

Rethinking the world

What could be efficient proposals for retooling the Unites Nations? This is one of the questions the Richard von Weizsäcker Fellows will focus on. 

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Data management and immigration

“The real innovation is openess”

Two experts discuss, how improved data sharing and protection stand to help immigrant integration.

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The war in Ukraine

“Everyone Can Do Something”

What challenges arise from the war in Ukraine? An expert from the Robert Bosch Stiftung shares his take on events.

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