Policy Briefing

Migration policy: Why deterring people from moving is not a solution

In the first issue of our new Policy Briefing publication series, our migration experts offer ideas for a humane migration policy.

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Strengthening democracy

The future of social cohesion

How do we avoid social division and create a resilient democracy? Five possible future scenarios.

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Graphic Novel

Peace for Northern Ireland – Monica McWilliams was the first woman to take part in negotiations

Monica McWilliams was one of the two women at the negotiating table to end the Northern Ireland conflict in 1996. In this graphic novel, she shares her memories.

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Sustainability at the Robert Bosch Stiftung

The Robert Bosch Stiftung aims to help preserve our natural resources and contribute to a sustainable living environment. Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present in a way that does not limit opportunities for future generations.   

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The Foundation, Facts andFigures

Annual report of the Robert Bosch Stiftung 2023

The Robert Bosch Stiftung looks back on its funding activities in 2023. Read on to find out which topics were in the spotlight.

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Land rights

Climate protection measures must respect the rights of indigenous communities

Our expert Louisa Prause explains why the Rio Conventions must address the issue.

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Focus on teaching quality

Who will win the German School Award 2024?

15 schools have made it to the final of this year's competition. Find out who the nominated schools are.

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10 years of the Robert Bosch Academy

A global network to solve pressing international challenges

Ten years ago - on 20 June 2014 - the Robert Bosch Academy was founded. We asked ten former Fellows from all over the world how they look back on their time at the Academy.

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Ceremony to mark the Foundation's 60th birthday

How does the Robert Bosch Stiftung celebrate its anniversary? Who was there and what was said?

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Democracy education

#IchStehAuf: "Children have a voice that counts"

Three head teachers explain why democracy education is so important right now.

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Violence against politicians

Between violence and civil dialogue – two Bundestag members report

Politicians are increasingly facing hostility or even becoming victims of violence. Two Bundestag members explain why they continue to believe in civil dialogue.

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Project Restart Agency

Ukraine: Reconstruction of a battered country

The Restart initiative is working on a plan to sustainably rebuild severely damaged infrastructure in Ukraine.

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A culture of dialogue

Enduring controversial opinions – the demoSlam shows how it’s done

The demoSlam promotes constructive debate and the ability to tolerate differences in a democracy.

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Recovery Ukraine

What will become of war-ravaged nature?

Flooding, pollution and desolation: hundreds of thousands of hectares of Ukrainian land have been damaged or destroyed by the Russian war of aggression. This might be an opportunity to rethink the way we treat nature, says Daryna Pyrogova in our video-interview.

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Diversity Day 2024

We have joined the Diversity Charter

On this occasion, we raise the question: When is diversity more than just a buzzword?

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Video report

How to achieve fairness in care work

Care work is unfairly distributed and underpaid. We show how this could change.

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Nutrition in transition

Transformation on a plate – how initiatives are rethinking our food systems

Our food system must become more sustainable. But how to achieve this?

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Project “Integrators”

How a handful of people are driving integration in communities

IT project manager Savarino breathed new life into a totally overburdened migration office. Report on an extraordinary collaboration.

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Reopening the doors to the housing market

More justice on the housing market: the example of a district in the German city of Bremen shows what activists can achieve.

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German School Barometer 2024

Every second teacher sees violence at their own school

What is the current situation in Germany's schools? What challenges are teachers facing and what needs do they see?

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