Project Repchance

How diverse are Germany’s federal and state parliaments?

People with a migration background are underrepresented in German parliaments, a study shows. MP Ekin Deligöz on the current situation.

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Call to Action to the German Government

Protection of the Pacific Islands to become a focus of Germany's foreign climate policy

Rising sea levels threaten the existence of the atoll island countries oft he Pacific.

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New e-booklet

The Transformative Power of Intersectionality

How can intersectional approaches to reducing inequalities be applied in practice? Our partner organizations addressed this question in a new e-booklet. 

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Interview with RBA Fellow Pierre Hazan

“The question of wartime collaboration is extremely sensitive”

Here, the Robert Bosch Academy Fellow discusses the sensitive topic of wartime collaboration between Ukrainians and Russians, the grain deal between the two countries and how Putin was able to deceive the West.

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Tumor Board

One step ahead of the cancer

Starting in 2024, the German National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT) SouthWest will be established. Patients are already benefiting from this exchange – for example, through the Molecular Tumor Board.  

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Climate change

Germany needs a strategy for climate-related migration

In the first half of 2023, the German government plans to finalise its first strategy on Climate Foreign Policy. It should also contain a way forward for Germany on climate-related migration.

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Supporting Ukraine

Ukraine refugees - engaged in exile

More than 8 million people have had to flee Ukraine since the Russian attack. Vidnova, a fellowship program, supports Ukrainians refugees so they can help the people in their homeland. We spoke to four of them.

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Who will enter the race for the German School Award 2023?

The jury has now selected 20 schools from 85 applicants for the German School Award 2023. Find out what was taken into account in the selection process and what happens next.

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Guest commentary by our CEO, Dr. Bernhard Straub

Germans are losing faith in their healthcare policy

Is the German government setting the right priorities to ensure high-quality and affordable healthcare in the future? More than half of Germans say no, according to a representative survey commissioned by the Bosch Health Campus of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. 

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International weeks against racism

Racism shows itself in many ways

Racism and anti-Semitism have one thing in common: they devalue people on the basis of their appearance, name, culture, origin or religion. This can take on very different forms. We therefore ask: How do people experience racism and anti-Semitism in their everyday lives? 

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"To figure out how to improve democracy accessible knowledge is key"

Seema Shah from International IDEA talks about today's challenges for global democracy. 

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German School System

Widespread Call for a National Summit on Education

Foundations, associations, and trade unions are all calling on the German government to initiate a long overdue process of reform. 

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“Much of the data is hoarded”

Every day, the digitalization of our society generates a vast amount of data. But so far, the general public has benefited too little from it. The directors of the new The Data Tank, which is funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, explain how we can change this.

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Remembering the annual of Russian attacks on Ukraine

Together with our partners at Café Kyiv

"Café Kyiv - We Choose Freedom“ became temporarily the name of Café Moskau in Berlin due to the annual of Russian attacks on Ukraine

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Principles for Intersectionality in Social Change Work

"Intersectionality is a prism, through which to look at the world"

Principles for How to Integrate Intersectionality into Social Change Work

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On the anniversary of the Russian invasion in Ukraine

Why the West is key to how this war will end

Our fellow Orysia Lutsevych, Chatham House, explains why Western unity is so important for peace and how the war is changing Russia's position in the world.

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Robert Bosch Stiftung's engagement in Ukraine

"As a German foundation, we have a special responsibility to Ukraine"

The Foundation will again provide additional funding for Ukraine in 2023.

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“We will always support Ukrainian refugees the best we can!”

We spoke to policymakers from Estonia and the Czech Republic about challenges, achievements, and the current situation.

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Climate-related migration

“Listen to us! We know the problems, we know the priorities, and how to tackle them”

An Interview with Ambassador Dr. Namira Negm, Director of the African Migration Observatory. 

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MSC 2023 – Munich Security Conference

Thinking ahead – The geopolitics of climate-related migration

What are the consequences of climate-related migration on human security and geopolitics? What are risks and opportunities? At this year’s Munich Security Conference, we discussed these questions in our side event “Shifting (b)orders? The geopolitics of climate-related migration”. 

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