Balance 2022

Robert Bosch Stiftung continues to pursue Efforts for Ukraine

During the last year, the Foundation had approved a special budget of 4.5 million euros to deliver emergency aid in Ukraine. 

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Lebanon’s water shortage

Can a 1,500-year-old method secure peace in the age of climate change?

Since the state is not adressing the problems, an environmental organization is bringing local people to the table.

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Points of conflict

Surviving and co-existing in a changing world

Climate change intensifies conflicts. Conflicts foster climate change. We take a look at three places, challenges and possible solutions.

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The Links between Climate Change and Conflict

In the Middle East, climate change exacerbates existing conflicts and leads to new disputes. We explain the connections in infographics.

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“Climate security is particularly conducive to risk forecasting”

The International Crisis Group identifies early warning signs for violent conflicts. President Dr Comfort Ero explains how this could save lives.

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Peace initiative

Putting Principles into Practice: New Paths to Lasting Peace

In two years of work, the Principles for Peace initiative has laid a new foundation for lasting peace.

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Climate change and Agriculture

“We will have to eat far fewer animal products”

The directors of the new Agora Agriculture think tank funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung explain how the climate crisis and our response to it will transform agriculture and why this need not result in anyone losing out.

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Representative Survey

Germany’s schools suffering from shortage of qualified staff

The latest survey carried out as part of the German School Barometer reveals that staff shortages represent by far the greatest hurdle for school principals in German schools.

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The contribution of philanthropy to reducing inequalities

How can philanthropy help reducing inequalities? Three experts talk about their perspectives and approaches towards a more equal world.  

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Integration Hubs for Neighborhood Social Cohesion

How can long-term residents and recent immigrants be brought together for constructive exchange? What does it take to get there? We are supporting an integration hub concept addressing these very questions.

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Get to know us

The team of the
Robert Bosch Stiftung

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Reporting on COP27

First-hand accounts from COP27

Journalists from Sub-Saharan Africa were able to report on COP27 thanks to the support they received from the Robert Bosch Stiftung. Here are some of the topics they write about.

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Clear rules for the use of digital technologies

From automated visa decisions based on algorithms, models to predict migration patterns, to refugees shopping for groceries via iris scan: Senior Expert Jessica Bither provides insight into digital technologys for the management of migration and human mobility.

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Help for Ukrainians

Giving children a time-out from the war

Interview with Benjamin Abtan, co-founder of the award-winning initiative "Europe Prykhystok", on how to actively support children suffering from the war in Ukraine. 

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UN Climate Change Conference COP27

How leaders from the African continent fight the climate crisis

The Robert Bosch Stiftung brought young climate activists to the climate negotiations in Egypt.

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Decolonizing Peacebuilding

Why Race and Power also Matter in the Peacebuilding Sector

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Climate Mobility up to 2050

“We need to harness the mobility on the African continent!”

Hundreds of millions of people will have to leave their home due to climate change. Where will they go? The groundbreaking report by the Africa Climate Mobility Initiative explained.

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Integration in the Pandemic

“We need to make municipalities more resilient”

People with a migration or refugee history were particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic. This is shown by the new study "Brennglas Corona".  

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How tomorrows news could also read

Inequalities have been drastically reduced!

Inequality of income and wealth in Germany could be greatly reduced by a number of measures. A view into the future. 

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Youth climate activism

My personal climate goal

Climate activists in African countries talk about their expectations for COP27 – and what they personally want to achieve.

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