Documenting Ukraine

Showing the human experience of war

While the news informs about the current war events in Ukraine, the individual life reality of the local people often remains elusive. In the project Documenting Ukraine, Ukrainian intellectuals and creatives are working to make these perspectives visible.

Rebecca Bross
Serhii Korovayny
September 07, 2023

Scientists, journalists, intellectuals, artists and archivists are documenting the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine in the project Documenting Ukraine. Unique to the project is the support of people who live in Ukraine and can therefore provide personal perspectives. The project was launched in March 2022 and aims to make the war accessible and understandable to the public.

The focus is on the human experience of this war. The documentation is done through reporting, collecting materials and testimonies, or through artistic means. This results, for example, in photos, videos, podcasts or literature. The project contributes to the preservation of the spiritual heritage of Ukraine. The results will be collected in an archive. Documenting Ukraine is a research project of the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) and is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation, among others. More than 200 people have already been supported in the project.


Selected photos from the project

Detailed information and further pieces of the project can be found on the IWM project website.

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