Since the Robert Bosch Stiftung was founded in 1964, a focus on health has been a key aspect of our work, and one which began with the establishment of the Robert Bosch Hospital, which the man himself inaugurated in 1940. Today our activities in this field center around the ongoing challenge of offering optimal health care – both now and in the future – to the growing number of people with chronic conditions and multiple illnesses, in view of demographic changes and the continual digitization of health care.

In light of this, we promote qualifications for those working in health services and their interprofessional collaboration. We offer ideas for ways to change health care structures and operations and support approaches which enhance the ability of patients to cope with their illness. We focus our attention on the needs of patients with rare chronic illnesses or dementia. We work on numerous projects of various kinds, with different partners and target audiences, and support projects also striving to meet the challenges posed by creating a health care system that is fit for the future.

Cooperation between Health Care Professionals

We support the education and collaboration of health care and medical specialists so that they can enthusiastically implement new treatment...

Shaping Health Care

We support measures and underlying conditions that improve the health-care system and patient care.

Living with Chronic Conditions

We want to support patients in dealing with challenges related to their illness and taking responsibility for themselves.


We want to find the best way of dealing with the illness and helping those affected and their families in their "life with dementia".

Robert Bosch Hospital

The Robert Bosch Hospital (Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus), the Foundation's hospital in Stuttgart, was established by a private initiative of Robert Bosch in 1936.

Institute for the History of Medicine

The institute focuses on the social history of medicine and history of homeopathy. In both areas, the research concentrates on patient histories.

Institute for Clinical Pharmacology

The institute is recognized as Germany's largest scientific research unit in the field of clinical pharmacology.