Since the Robert Bosch Stiftung was founded back in 1964, health care has been one of its core focuses, with the Robert Bosch Hospital inaugurated by Robert Bosch himself in 1940 at its heart. Today, we are working to strengthen the future viability of our health care system, in keeping with our founder’s multidimensional understanding of health. We are committed to health care that is geared to people and their social needs and that continues to provide quality care to all people in Germany, even in view of the current challenges posed by the range of diseases and demographic change, globalization, digitalization, and innovative biotechnologies.

Our institution

Bosch Health Campus

From Robert Bosch’s vision to a patient-centered health campus. The campus brings together all of the Foundation’s activities and institutions in the field of health care.

Contact persons

Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol
Head of Robert Bosch Center for Innovative Health (RBIH)
Phone+49 711 8101-2680
e-mail to Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol
Susanne Melin
Program Director Robert Bosch Center for Innovative Health (RBIH
Phone+49 711 8101-2677
e-mail to Susanne Melin
Irina Cichon
Senior Expert
Phone+49 711 8101-2672
e-mail to Irina Cichon