The Support We Offer

Looking for information on project support, funding and cooperation with the Robert Bosch Stiftung? Find out here about current opportunities, open calls and requirements for project sponsorship.  You’ll find application materials,  information on a potential cooperation or ongoing initiatives.

How we work with our partners

We want the projects we sponsor to be impactful and sustainable. For that reason, we place a high value on trust and responsibility in working with our partners. When we partner with you, we aim to provide the best possible support in all phases of our cooperation, taking your needs into account. 
The Robert Bosch Stiftung uses a wide range of funding instruments to support initiatives in the areas of education, health and global issues. How we work together depends on the objectives and needs of each project. We drive issues forward ourselves, work bilaterally in partnerships or join strong alliances with other organizations.
In addition to concrete project funding, we  support the early stage development of ideas to solve complex social challenges through a process of open exchange. We also strengthen institutions, associations, organizations and projects in expanding their scope for action to make a sustainable impact. To this end, we offer funding support with flexibility and a focus on joint learning.

Areas of support



Global Issues

Here you can find an overview of all open calls.

Our support - from idea to joint implementation

Every project starts with a great idea  and a solid understanding of the social challenge it addresses. First, we evaluate whether the idea aligns with our funding goals and strategy, and whether it meets certain statutory requirements, such as serving the common good. If we decide to pursue your idea, we will ask you to put together a funding proposal. 

In the proposal, you should define the goals, target groups and anticipated impact. You may also include a project outline. We are happy to assist you in detailing your idea and turning it into a project funding request. 

The proposal forms the basis for approving a project grant . If your funding request is successful, we will enter into a support agreement that forms the basis of our cooperation. This contract includes the funding amount and funding period. We also agree on a financing plan and a plan for the disbursement of funds.

Frequently asked questions

The portal is your central platform and link to the Foundation. From the project idea that you propose to us for funding, to the possible application for funding, to the joint implementation of the project. The portal allows you to check the status of your project at any time and to be notified of any changes. You can also add and update your information at any time, regardless of our working hours. The portal is available in English and German.

  • building projects, investments, operating equipment
  • running infrastructure costs
  • project proposals that lie in the past
  • individual scholarships outside our scholarship programmes (no training/study/internship/doctoral scholarships)
  • Individual grants (e.g. therapy costs, cars, etc.)
  • Printing subsidies
  • Evaluation measures other than in the context of projects carried out or funded by us
  • Projects that are not transferable (individual case, no transfer possible), not sustainable (without follow-up perspective) and/or not innovative

You can find contact persons for your project idea on the area of support of health on the website of the Robert Bosch Center for Innovation in Healthcare (RBIG). 

 Close exchange with the foundation

We also pair you with a personal contact in our organization prior to receiving the funding contract. During the entire duration of the cooperation or project funding, you will work together with the responsible project and grant managersin our project support office  and regularly exchange information about your progress, current developments and any challenges you face. We also discuss any potential changes regarding project funding. These might arise due to unexpected costs, a desired change in the way funds are used, or a potential extension of the project term.
Finally, we review our cooperation together, considering the following aspects: Have you reached the anticipated targets? What has the project achieved? What worked well, and where is there room for improvement? This project closure provides an opportunity for you to reflect upon and record your experiences and learnings. We also use your feedback to continuously improve our own work.