Local Climate Dialogues in Aden and Hadhramawt

The impact of water scarcity on preexisting tensions in Yemen. Raising awareness among local and international stakeholders regarding the interlinkages of unequal access to water and conflict.

About the project

In Yemen, the impacts of climate change and water scarcity are interlinked with conflict. Water scarcity has aggravated pre-existing social and political tensions, which eventually boiled over into a large-scale conflict. The absence of government enforcement of water rights along with corruption has intensified social inequality.
The German-based Yemen Policy Center and its local counterpart, the Yemen Polling Center, thus consider it a necessity to raise awareness amongst local civil society organizations and officials, and to induce a shift of priorities amongst international organizations to understand and examine the interlinkages of climate change, water scarcity and conflict.
The collapse of Yemeni state institutions due to the conflict, along with the proliferation of non-state armed groups have increased the unequal access to water. If organizations and local institutions continue to ignore these interlinkages, achieving sustainable peace will become ever more difficult.

Who organizes the project?

The Yemen Policy Center Germany e.V. (YPC) is an independent German think tank established in 2020 by a group of Yemeni and German researchers associated with the Yemen Polling Center, a Yemeni NGO headquartered in Taiz, Yemen. With its research and advocacy activities, the YPC works towards a closer integration of local perspectives into the policymaking process.

The Yemen Polling Center (YPC) is an independent Yemeni research center, headquartered in Taiz and established in 2004. With its research, YPC aims to support reforms which better correspond with the needs of the Yemeni people. In order to do this successfully, YPC will continue to build close relationships with Yemeni and international policymakers and government institutions.

Climate Change Impacts in Hajar and Tawahi

This video, made by the Yemen Policy Center, shows the consequences of the changing climate on two communities in Yemen.

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