Hima for Peace

The traditional Hima concept was until now deployed to facilitate the sustainable use of natural resources, based on empowering local, traditional knowledge, culture and livelihood. This project seeks to expand the Hima concept into the realms of conflict resolution.

About the project

Hima is a traditional system of resource tenure that has originated in the Arabian Peninsula 1500 years ago. Since 2004, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) has been working on revitalizing and reviving the Hima approach to promote the conservation of Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas through the sustainable use of natural resources. Hima so far has been used as a community-led ecosystem-based approach for the protection of biodiversity. The “Hima for Peace” project aims to adapt this traditional approach from a tool for biodiversity protection to an instrument for conflict resolution. The “Hima for Peace” approach is supposed to be community-led and -managed, so that the potential for conflict among users of natural resources is significantly reduced.

Who organizes and supports the project?

The Society for Protecting Nature in Lebanon was established in 1986, to advocate the establishment of protected areas. Since 2004, SPNL works with the Hima approach and developed a total of 30 Himas in Lebanon. SPNL has widely contributed to both raising awareness on environmental issues and concretely protecting natural areas in Lebanon.

The World Conservation Union (IUCN) has a global support program on traditional knowledge and community engagement, which aims to catalyze and support efforts at various levels to protect, promote and use traditional knowledge and community engagement to strengthen conservation and sustainable development.


Under the Hima for Peace project, the 'Droub el Hima for Peace' workshop on 27 September 2023 at Mount Lebanon's HIMA Center, Kayfoun, stands as a testament to SPNL's resounding success in championing unity and conservation. The event showcased the power of community-driven conservation efforts in fostering peace, bridging divides, and celebrating local collaboration. Eight municipalities came together, signing the HIMA Charter (Memorandum of Understanding), symbolizing their shared commitment to nature preservation and community welfare. This gathering marked a pivotal step towards replicating this inspiring model worldwide. From revitalizing historic trails to empowering communities, the event was a celebration of unity, conservation, and enduring peace.

Your contact person

Bassima Khatib
Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon
e-mail to Bassima Khatib