Solid waste management and community engagement in Blat-Byblos, Lebanon

Since 2015, trash has started appearing on Lebanese streets, since the country has been lacking a solid waste management strategy, causing a rise in tensions. Therefore, this project aims to initiate a strategy for solid waste management based on community engagement. 

About the project

The solid waste management issue in Lebanon is insufficiently tackled, affecting the environment, and public health, as well as increasing social tensions and conflicts. This community-based project is implemented by the American University of Technology (AUT) and addresses all elements of solid waste management, from waste generation to final disposal, in addition to community-level activities that constitute the main part of the project. Community activities comprise awareness campaigns, technical trainings, capacity building, local community involvement and locally developed innovative solid waste solutions. These activities help release community tensions.

Who organizes and supports the project?

The American University of Technology (AUT) was established in 1998 and has the mission to provide an innovative, technology-rich, entrepreneurial, experiential university and learning environment that produces civically active graduates. Acting on its purpose and mission, AUT has been very active in humanitarian work, international development, and aid for the local community. The project will be supported by 5 local experts.

Your contact persons

Anthony Ouba
American University of Technology
e-mail to Anthony Ouba
Georges Rammouz
American University of Technology
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