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Putting Principles into Practice: New Paths to Lasting Peace

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Forging New Paths for Peace and Hope

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New Paths to Sustainable Peace

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The Path to Lasting Peace

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In Brief

About the initiative

Our world is facing greater conflict than ever before. Yet we continue to apply the same solutions but expect different results. Existing peace processes fail to be effective when they are needed most. The opportunity and momentum to reframe the current approach to peace processes is growing in light of the current political will reflected in various international policy frameworks.
Through two years of intense deliberations and sustained engagements by the International Commission and a global alliance of partners, the Principles for Peace has developed a guiding framework for action, a frame of reference, akin to the Humanitarian Principles, its Peacemaking Covenant. The Peacemaking Covenant and the eight principles for peace that encompass it will catalyze practical, long-term and equitable partnerships for peace.

Contact persons

Anja Linnéa Tresse
Principles for Peace
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Hiba Qasas
Principles for Peace
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