What are our goals?

The Principles for Peace Foundation will catalyze global, regional, and local efforts for effective peacemaking through partnerships and processes of co-creation with key actors in diverse regions and communities of practice. The ultimate objective of the Principles for Peace Foundation is to enhance the quality and sustainability of peace engagement and generate global momentum for new ways to address the challenges of conflict and insecurity in the 21st century. Beyond raising awareness, the principles will be converted into practical guidance and trainings, including organizational and individual trainings and codes of conduct development.

How does the project work?

The foundation adopts different functions. The advocacy function will focus on triggering a global dialogue and broad uptake regionally and nationally building awareness, recognition and adoption of the Principles and expanding the alliance of advocates. The Knowledge Hub will focus on influencing practice policy and financing through practical knowledge generation and supports the implementation of the Principles locally. In addition, the Foundation will have a dedicated function for Monitoring and Measurement.

Who organizes and supports the project?

The Principles for Peace Foundation is a catalyst, a custodian and curator of the Principles and the Peacemaking Covenant. It promotes their recognition, adoption and the anchoring in the international system. Through its work, the Foundation seeks to measure and monitor the effectiveness of peacemaking policy and actions.