Africa contributes less than 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions and yet suffers the inordinate effects of climate change. Up to 135 million Africans are projected to be internally displaced by 2050 due to climate impacts. Today, youth account for around 60% of the African population, and children, youth, and women are the disproportionately affected by the climate crisis.
To bring about significant changes in the lives of thousands of children and young people across Africa who may be increasingly affected by climate mobility, ACMI decided to start the ACMI Youth Programme. By strengthening the capacity of young people, amplifying their voices, and promoting a more inclusive approach to climate action, the ACMI Youth Programme can help advance the development agenda of the continent and provide for greater awareness of, and responses to, climate mobility.
To achieve these objectives, the ACMI Youth Programme will pursue the following activities during 2023: