The Rising Nations Initiative (RNI), launched by Heads of states in September 2022, is aimed at pressing forward efforts to protect the statehood of Pacific Atoll countries, preserving their sovereignty, and safeguarding the rights and heritage of affected populations amid the climate crisis and the existential threat that this poses. The RNI is a member states-led initiative, guided by a core group of champions, including all Pacific atoll island countries. It is based around three complementary drivers of action: knowledge, partnerships, and advocacy.

The five pillars of the initiative are aimed at preserving the culture and heritage of Pacific Atoll countries, building a digital ecosystem for governance and connectivity, promoting global awareness and international support, deepening knowledge for effective adaptation plans, and empowering the youth. The five pillars are:


  • The Heritage & Culture programme supports efforts to achieve global recognition of the heritage & culture of Pacific Atoll countries and the advances the establishment of a digital repository.
  • The Digital Nation State programme aims to build a new digital ecosystem, founded on meaningful connectivity for citizens, that will allow for strengthened governance, administration and connectivity structures, so as to cement the connection between people and country.
  • The Global Call for Action programme seeks to raise awareness and secure international commitments of support for Pacific Atoll countries amidst the climate crisis.
  • The Knowledge & Futures programme aims to deepen the knowledge base for effective adaptation.
  • The Youth programme enables the Pacific Atoll youth to engage in global discussions and contribute to resilience-building initiatives.