Europe's Future in the Face of Transatlantic Challenges

How are European countries standing up for their own interests in dealing with the USA? This was the topic of discussion among foreign policy experts at an event hosted jointly by The Brookings Institution and the Robert Bosch Stiftung as part of a wider initiative. Other issues discussed included Russian aggression, trade, immigration, and relations with the USA.

Stephan Strothe | September 2017

For Strobe Talbott there was no doubt as to the most pressing transatlantic challenge and danger to the EU: "We are in the midst of a new cold war with Russia," he said, referring both to the demonstrations of military power and the massive cyberattacks, which Western intelligence services considered a key element of President Vladimir Putin’s anti-EU approach. Mocking the current US president’s campaign slogan, Talbott’s closing words were: "Let’s make globalization great again!"

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