A Health Care System for the Future

We promote sustainable care models for real-life application and work toward improving the general health care framework.

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A Health Care System for the Future

Restart: A Health Care Reform Workshop

Fresh impulses for a health care system that is devoted to the people, patient-focused, multi-professional, high-quality, and open to innovation.

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Your contact persons

Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol
Head of Robert Bosch Center for Innovative Health (RBIH)
Phone+49 711 8101-2680
e-mail to Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol
Kerstin Berr
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 8101-2671
e-mail to Kerstin Berr
Irina Cichon
Senior Expert
Phone+49 711 8101-2672
e-mail to Irina Cichon
Cordula Hoffmanns
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 8101-2674
e-mail to Cordula Hoffmanns
Amelie Montigel
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 8101-2678
e-mail to Amelie Montigel