Balance 2022

Robert Bosch Stiftung continues to pursue Efforts for Ukraine

Taking stock of the Foundation’s work across its three areas of support – health, education, and global issues – Straub concluded it had, on balance, been a successful year, with the Robert Bosch Stiftung spending in total around 149 million euros (preliminary figure) on charitable causes in 2022. 

Michael Herm, Eva Bolta
Verena Müller
February 02, 2023
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Beyond supporting its own institutions such as the Bosch Health Campus, the Foundation was active in 25 countries around the globe and launched more than 80 new projects. Moving forward, the foundation will work across social challenges such as digitalization, the transformation of the educational system, the climate crisis and climate mobility and, not at least, the integration society Germany.

The Robert Bosch Stiftung was also able to act with speed at the beginning of the Russian War against Ukraine. Within mere weeks, the Foundation had approved a special budget of 4.5 million euros to deliver emergency aid and strengthen civil society in both Ukraine and neighboring European countries. This commitment will be continued on a comparable scale in 2023, aiming a longer-term impact.

Read more about it in our press report.

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